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Late 50s Neue Haas Grot/Folioesque Sans

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Mark Hatley

I suspect this is some phototype variant of Neue Hass Grotesk or Folio. It was used in a small Clifford Still catalogue published in 1959. I note the unusual numeral 2, cap J/lowercase t/cap F have angled strokes, caps appear heavier than the lowercase, ff and fi ligs, apparently no ital.

I think I have taken this about as far as I can, and wondered if others might have insight or comments. I am thinking about type in use in the 50s as well, so I am happy to follow any tangents.


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Mark Hatley

Perfect! Thanks, Ralf and Riccardo. The digital does not have the ff lig, but everything else looks spot on. I’ve also misspelled the name of the artist above, which could be corrected from an i to a y if a busy admin were so bored they had nothing better to do.

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