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G. Bowdoin

answered London Font Search

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G. Bowdoin

I work for a sign company and have a client who wishes to make a sign for his new location, unfortunately he is unable to provide the TTF which was previously provided by London.  Attached is a copy of labels produced for his business but that company is currently out of business.  Any help is appreciated.


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George Thomas

The type is an old Letraset design from 1977 named Melissa Inline (sometimes spelled Mellissa). During the era when it was current, it was available as a 2-inch film font. I can not find a digital version. Even Monotype, who now owns Letraset, doesn't have it.

If your client needs it for a sign, the best bet is to have a commercial artist redraw it from the printed label. Then you would have a permanent copy of the logo in digital form.


I found a source for the alphabet for you: http://tinyurl.com/jnxfymb

That is eBay in the UK. It is Letraset rub-down letters and appears to have all the characters. With that you can recreate the logo or even make your own font using it. Note there are two listings: one for the lowercase and one for the capitals.

I tried to send you a private message but you apparently have that feature turned off.

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