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A font similar to Rika Bold, but what font is this?

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Does anybody have an idea what font was used for "ComposTumbler"?  I found Rika Bold which is close, but would need some work.

Thanks for looking into this.



compostumbler font image white bg.png

Rika Bold - almost.png

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George Thomas

I haven't found the exact font, but this is someone's version of the California Grotesk font style which was current in the seventies/early eighties. I believe the bottom line is the original and I believe the top line is the same font, but stretched. Both appear to have had a stroke added, OR an effort was made to make a fake bold by layering clear film between a negative and the light-sensitive receiver. Either of those two techniques could have caused the round corner look.

Similar to this: https://www.myfonts.com/fonts/urw/california-grotesk/

The California Medium URW Grotesk spacing is a fairly exact match for the bottom line shown above.

::EDIT:: — I just found a much closer match: Europa Grotesque Bold, available at myfonts.com.

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@George Thomas. Thanks for looking into this! I had a quick look at the 2 fonts you suggested, but believe that Rika Bold is much closer to what I need to find.

I also just realized that my images might be misleading. I am looking for the font you see in green lettering, the black version is Rika Bold, a font I found to be a close match [workable], but it's not exactly the same. 

Thanks again

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