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Trading Stories with The Printers

Ralf Herrmann

What will become of traditional printing techniques and technologies? In the age of digital, a handmade impression is a rarity.

In this short vignette we share time and conversation with Lou and Bud, who have devoted their lives to the art and science of traditional printing. These men have kept the skills and machines of 20th century printing alive, and are now turning their attention to youngsters who might breathe life back into the Society.

The Printers is the culmination of numerous visits and conversations over the course of a year, made in collaboration with photographer Lee Howell as part of his project "Trading Stories".

DOP / Directed by: Simon Waterhouse (resonate.co.nz)
Additional Camera: Lee Howell (leehowell.com)
Edit, Colour grade and Sound: Stefan Schiebe and Simon Waterhouse
Assistance from: Mark Marchand, Clinton Lloyd & Luis Castanon

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