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Letraset catalog


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Does anyone know if there's a PDF or online version available of any of the old Letraset catalogs, as I can't find one anywhere.

If not, I shall have to get busy scanning my 1989 copy.

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Thanks. I did find the sanskritweb PDF, but as you are probably aware, it doesn't show the full founts. Perhaps I should scan my copy for prosterity's sake, plus it may be of interest to some of you Typophiles out there.

Watch this space !!!

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adydog: Are you looking for a catalog of Letraset's digital fonts or something earlier - such as a rub-on catalog? I have a 2002-dated Fontek .pdf in a FILE labeled "complete Letraset fonts". It has three pages of short embedded font samples (the font names, mostly) and 50 pages of full font samples (all as outlines)

- Herb VB

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Herb: It was a digital version of the transfer sheet catalogue that I was really after. I have a hard copy, but I thought it would also be beneficial to have a scanned version as well.

It can be a very useful reference point. For instance, I discovered during one 'hunt', that a font named PALANA by Alan Withers, has never (to my knowledge) been digitised, plus there are some subtle differences in other cuts as well.... Typophile gold !!!

Anyway, it needs to be done before I spill coffee all over it, or in my old age, involuntary dribbling starts occurring ;-)


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Old Letraset Catalogues come up for sale on Gumtree. I have a 1970 catalogue on sale now. You won't find any digitised for some reason.


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