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General discussions around fonts, typography and design that don’t fit in any other forum. 

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  1. Melchior

    Kerning lower case and font letter spacing

  2. Ralf Herrmann

    Opinions about Sans Forgetica

  3. oobimichael

    FF Quadraat no longer on the market?

  4. gwh

    Font pairing help

  5. Robin Parmar

    Looking for a libre Venetian

  6. Greg Yerbury

    Font deal by design cuts

  7. darkhorsemagazine

    Which is the best version of Walbaum?

  8. Frasse

    Using the same font for your logo and a site/print copy?

  9. samiel

    Garamond tastes

  10. samiel

    bring back more fonts to an unique family

  11. Kstarr

    Typography Quotes – Originality is a claim of the ignorant …

  12. BrenFunk

    Why isnt this "X" symmetrical?

  13. Marioo

    font that was used in Russian in the 1920s

  14. Alexofont

    How to design subtitle fonts

  15. nickelphillips

    Editorial Font Classification

  16. Gecko

    A Natural History Of Letterforms.

  17. Mikeey

    Looking for free font similar to Caslon

  18. Greg Yerbury

    Amberley Museum

  19. Riccardo Sartori

    Monogramme zur Wäsche-Stickerei

  20. Toddo

    .XPR Font Files-What are they? How do you make them?

  21. Anna L.

    Art nouveau alphabets

  22. Grotesk

    Your favorite version of Caslon?

  23. Andyvanv

    Type tips in Rotterdam?

  24. Fournier

    Something New from the Typophile Forum?

  25. Jidoe

    Sans serif "R" with extended tail

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