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General discussions around fonts, typography and design that don’t fit in any other forum. 

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  1. dontknowfont

    where to obtain Clarendon outlined font versions

  2. darkhorsemagazine

    Which is the best version of Walbaum?

  3. singzeon

    What is Demibold?

  4. Vince42

    URW Fonts

  5. Ralf Herrmann

    Skin color Emoji coming

  6. Fournier

    Something New from the Typophile Forum?

  7. webti

    Vaud - Where is it gone

  8. Guest bailey97

    Typeface Dissertation Survey

  9. Anna L.

    Art nouveau alphabets

  10. Finbarr

    Technical issue font conversion (Chinese characters Excel)

  11. JGE

    Sans serif font with schoolbook a ??? (Welsh kids book)

  12. Riccardo Sartori

    Unfinished lists

  13. leo75

    Looking for a round myriad type font

  14. Ralf Herrmann

    Starting an online archive of type specimens

  15. Nickel

    Places to get Font Pairing Suggestions

  16. Grotesk

    Your favorite version of Caslon?

  17. stikkio

    Font simila to Decima Mono Pro

  18. Eukari

    Font that's like Dante

  19. Jim Stafford

    70s Movie Poster Typography

  20. Kelle

    Kaiti SC on mac

  21. Louisemcd

    Font licencing for commercial use / system font requirements

  22. bellefont

    Academic paper font.

  23. Magda

    Fonts combination for website and branding - help needed

  24. ShubhamSanklecha

    Different letter forms

  25. Rick Wallace

    Thai restaurant menu appropriate typeface?

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