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Ralf Herrmann

Your Typophile Account on Typography.Guru

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Ralf Herrmann

I’ve imported around 25,000 posts from Typophile into our forum. The posts were moved into the appropriate Typography.Guru forums and clubs. As an example, you can go the end of the Talk forum to see general discussions. 

For every user who had at least one imported post, a new account has been created. 

The accounts can be seen here in alphabetical order:

Or here based on number of posts:

You can use the search field on that page to check if posts from you were imported as well. If that is the case, you have a couple of options:

  1. Do nothing. You can keep the account as an archive of your old Typophile posts.
  2. Take over the account. We can assign your actual email address to the account and you will be able to use the account as full Typography.Guru account with all your imported Typophile content assigned to it. You will be able to manage your profile, receive messages, write in the forums and so on. Please contact me through the email address found on the imprint page to arrange the takeover of your account.  
  3. Merge your accounts. If you already have a Typography.Guru account, we can merge your accounts so all your imported Typophile posts are assigned to your existing Typography.Guru account. In order to merge your account, write me a private message and tell me your Typophile user name. 
  4. Anonymize your Account. In compliance with EU law, we will remove personal information like full names and copyrighted user images when requested. Contact me through the email address found on the imprint page and let me know what you want to have removed. Keep in mind that we will only edit the account information. The post content itself cannot be deleted in order to maintain the integrity of the discussions. 

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Riccardo Sartori

Interestingly enough, but probably unsurprisingly, once the accounts are merged, they disappear from the list of Typophile members.

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