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Japanese system fonts?

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Hi there – We have specified Aktiv Grotesk for a rebrand of a Japanese-based international company (Latin and Japanese scripts). System alternatives specified are Arial for Latin script and Yu Gothic for Japanese script. Can anyone advise on the use of  Yu Gothic as an appropriate system substitute for Aktiv Grotesk? Is there a closer match available? Many thanks. B. 

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Given that Yu Gothic will only be used for Japanese characters, I’m struggling to understand why matching it to Aktiv Grotesk (which has no Japanese character set) is an issue.

In a quick comparison of the Latin characters of Yu Gothic and Aktiv Grotesk, the latter has a single story g and a capital G without a spur, but otherwise the two are quite similar. But not particularly relevant if Yu Gothic won’t be used for Latin text.

Or did you mean to ask for a better match for Aktiv Grotesk than Arial?

If you are using a lighter weight of Aktiv Grotesk, then I think visually it will swap out well with the Japanese characters of Yu Gothic (and Yu Gothic is highly legible on screen, for an added bonus).


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Hey Kevin, Thanks a million for your reply. Apologies for the confusion – Aktiv Grotesk now has a Japanese script, which will be used for the main web and print applications. I have attached a comparison, which actually shows Meiryo looking like a good match in terms of character and spacing. 


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44 minutes ago, Brian Heffernan said:

Meiryo looking like a good match in terms of character and spacing.

If I may add a point of consideration, if equal metrics aren't possible, it would be better for a fallback font to take up less space than the official one, especially on the web where fine tuning isn't often possible and things can easily break.

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Thanks for the visual aids (they would have helped from the beginning).

Stylistically, I think Yu Gothic is a better match (note the third character from the right)—and to Riccardo’s point, the metrics are more favorable than Meiryo.

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Thanks Kevin, they would have. The only thing putting me off  Yu Gothic are the calligraphic characteristics, which are totally absent in Aktiv Grotesk. Perhaps these are worth overlooking for the favourable Metic Yu Gothic offers. 

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