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Business card: single font or paired complementary fonts?


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Ralf Herrmann has kindly identified for me here that the font used in my logo is ‘Impact”.

For the purpose of a business card I suppose I have two options.

1.      Use “Impact” for both the main element and the smaller text.
 (Though looking at MS Word it appears that Impact is a heavy weight font, and therefore not suitable for small text.)


2.       Use “Impact” for the main element and some other complementary font to pair with this for the smaller elements.

2a.  In this instance  what would be a good (free) complementary font I could pair with “Impact”, for small text on a business card and also good readability, comprehension and professional looking for the body text on my website.

On reflection I see the leading for that font is quite narrow and it may not be the most readable thing on a business card either. Is there anotehr font similar to the Impact style but more average weight and more space between the characters than impact has.  

(Just at the moment changing the logo isn't an option) 


This is my first foray into the world of fonts and typography, so I apologise if the questions appear somewhat beginner level.

I appreciate all your guidance. 

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Ralf Herrmann

Impact makes only sense for headlines. You can easily combine it with hundreds of serif or sans-serif typefaces. But it would be hard to suggest a specific one just based on this “briefing”. Maybe consider hiring a graphic designer in your area for a (small) corporate design job?

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Yes I know its a bit of a minefield. Unfortunately while I'd love to hire a local designer I can;t afford to do so at the moment. 

My biggest worry is choosing a wrong font for the smaller print on a business card.

Some sore of sans-serif font is probably best. 

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@Ralf Herrmann  Would you have any suggestions re a free sans-serif font that would be good and clearly legible for smaller business card print?

Verdana maybe? 


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