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Vectorization of strokes in Adobe Illustrator - new project, thoughts?! 💭

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Hello Typography Gurus 👋,

we would like to introduce the project we are working on and hear your thoughts about it!

We are LTTR/CORP and make skeleton type design accessible with stroke-drawing tool LTTR/INK.

After succesful implementation of LTTR/INK plug-in in Glyphs, we are now keen on developing the vectoriziation of strokes with perfectly clean outlines in Adobe Illustrator.

If you use Adobe Illustrator for your designs, you certainly know how messy it can get with vectorizing strokes (lots of unnecessary nodes in width tool).

That is why, we strive to develop LTTR/INK plug-in for Adobe Illustrator that would:

1️⃣ DRAW strokes with brushes, use vector paths as a skeleton and be able to edit size and rotation of brush on each point of the skeleton-path independently.

2️⃣ CUSTOMISE the brush shape and see how it impacts the stroke style. Custom brushes let you draw letters like pointed-nib, pointed-brush, broad nib...

3️⃣ VECTORISE strokes instantly to clean outline shapes

How does it sound to you? What do you think about it?Would you this plug-in in your daily tasks?

Please let us know your thoughts about our project in the comments.

Feel free to sign up to our beta list at www.lttrink.com/illustrator and be among first ones to try LTTR/INK for Adobe Illustrator in practice.

Thank you very much for your time and feedback! 🙂

Peter from LTTR/CORP


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