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Best Computer Programs for Typesetting

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I would be very interested to know what typesetting programs you like the best. Someone suggested I purchase Affinity Publisher. I have a Windows 7 computer and a Windows XP computer. It would be nice to find an older typesetting program that could run on XP.

Thank you,


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As an old Mac users, I first worked on Quark Xpress in the 1990's then I moved to Adobe InDesign in the early 2010's

because I was a Photoshop and Illustrator user so that made sense.

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Hi Dear Friends,

As early as 1993, I made use of Arabic Aldus Pagemaker then moved to Arabic Adobe InDesign in 2012. So I can say: When it comes to Arabic, dynamic fonts count (See attached QB-English.pdf & http://Maryamsoft.com/QalamOnline/ )

2. Making use of Telegram? https://Telegram.org
Please go explore more files at https://T.me/FonJawi

Happy exploring and All the Best for All with Flowers https://T.me/FlowerCrosswords 

QB-English.pdf Flower Crosswords.pdf

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