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I recently bought a font collection from URW++. Unfortunately I "double-own" some of the fonts, as I bought years ago a smaller collection from them. I tried to sell my old collection on ebay without success. Where would you advertise / sell a font collection?



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George Thomas

Have you read the license agreement? Many softwares don't sell you the product, merely sell you a license to it and in general you would have to fill out some paperwork to sell the license.

In addition, you say you bought the first ones years ago, so they are likely Type 1 or TrueType. The current collection is more likely OpenType, so that's considered an upgrade. Legally you may not be able to sell the old collection.

Then there is the perceived value of fonts by many users, which is near zero (thank you, Bitstream and URW!). It isn't too likely you would get much for the fonts since there are copies of virtually every font freely downloadable somewhere on the internet.

It's just one of those things consumers pretty much have to consider a sunk cost.

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Ralf Herrmann

Ebay should be fine as a place to sell something like that. But as George said, the value might be extremely low, even if the package originally had a sales price of thousands of Euros.  

I might pay a couple Euros for an old original and physical font package just to have it as memorabilia. The old fonts itself would be worthless to me. 

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My fonts are not freely available - that's why I bought them back then and now again. Yes, they are Type 1 and TrueType and the new collections also include OpenType.

I will try my luck with ebay again - and hope for some typography enthusiast, who would be willing to pay a few Euros for those superb URW fonts. ;)

Thank you very much for your input on this topic!

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