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Editorial Font Classification


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This is an example of a type of font commonly used in newspapers and other editorial, text-heavy publications. One of its features is ball terminals. I am wondering if there is a name for these types of editorial fonts (beyond "serifs," of course).


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I wouldn’t say this points to a specific classification category. It’s just a feature of text typefaces that developed over time. The “old style” fonts didn’t have it yet …

After them came the “transitional” fonts with a tear-drop shape …

And actual ball terminals came with the “Didone” typefaces. 


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Thanks, very helpful. I'm trying to narrow down my search for an editorial typeface (or combination of typefaces) that is similar to the sample at top. Searching for "editorial typeface"  or even "news typeface" has been of limited effectiveness.

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That is very much from the same era. The 'fat' and 'bold' faces are a bit too ... artistic/displayish ... but other than that, this is very close.

The 1983 LA Times "Rocket" example above is similar to today's LATimes.com, Boston Globe.com, and (sort of) NYTimes.com. You can really see the ball terminal and just the overall style it in the lowercase c.

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