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Licensing Question: PDF generator

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Hi there, 

I'm currently working on a website, which will be using a PDF generator in the background. The user will be able to bookmark their favourite articles and the generator will spit out a PDF. Now, I'm not quite sure how this works with the font licence for the generator. The site is using Helvetica (light and heavy) as it's main typeface and the client does have a licence for web and desktop, but I assume this is not enough for the PDF generator – by the way, the generator needs TTF files to work.

I was wondering if I could use Arial MT (light and bold) or Arial Nova (light and bold) as is, without a special licence? 

Thanks for your help

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51 minutes ago, swiwi said:

the generator needs TTF files to work.

But you still should be able to not embed them, no?

54 minutes ago, swiwi said:

The site is using Helvetica (light and heavy)

21 minutes ago, Ralf Herrmann said:

You can certainly use free fonts licensed under OFL.

There are several open source typefaces metrically compatible with Helvetica or Arial ([1], [2], [3], [4]), but none that I know of has a light weight.

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