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Identifying unused Gothic characters

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Hello fellow typophiles, I'm hoping you can help name these characters! (And do they have unicode support, I wonder!)

The type is from Erhard Ratdolt's Psalterium puerorum (Venice: 1486 or earlier)

In the first image, they are evidently (left-right) t u/v x y and z (or yogh?) - but what are the others? Is one a Tironian Ond, or something other?

In the second image, there is superscript '9'. An apostrophe contraction, or something other again?

I've attached another image (from Ratdolt's 1486 Index characterum diversarum) which shows some of the the letters in a written context.


what letters.jpg

what letters_1.jpg

what letters_2.jpg

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Thanks so much Riccardo! I've only seen the capital letter Rum and didn't realise it was simple a lower variant.

I looked it up "c." in unicode but couldn't find anything for it. Not sure which letter you were referring to?

The letters remaining look like a 7 and a backwards C with a bottom flick.

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Riccardo Sartori
5 hours ago, ReflexBlueHorror said:

I looked it up "c." in unicode but couldn't find anything for it. Not sure which letter you were referring to?

I was just using a scribal abbreviation to write “Etc.”, meaning that more information could be found starting from the linked Wikipedia article. Unfortunately I am not a palaeography expert.

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