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    Context of Diacritics is an analysis of diacritics made to help type designers with refining the character sets of their fonts. It was made by Ondrej Jób, who runs his type foundry Urtd in Slovakia.

    The main goal of this project is to list diacritical combinations that exist in real life. Because of the methods used, all other data (absolute and relative frequency, position within words) is not and cannot be 100% accurate.

    Two main operations were performed during the analysis:

    • The first operation was to find and count occurrences of each diacritical letter and combination. The results of this operation should be highly accurate.
    • The second operation was to detect possible positions of each combination within words. For now, the results of this are far from perfect, because for it to be exact, finding every existing word in all of its forms is necessary. Therefore, if a certain combination isn't marked as Is a word, Can start words or Can end words, it doesn't mean that it actually cannot, it just did not occur in the respective position in the analyzed text.

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