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  2. I have searched all over for this font and I’ve only found variations of it. I’m wondering if anyone can help me.
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  4. John Boardley is a British-European writer now living in Saigon in the south of Vietnam. In this article, he introduces 10 of his favorite font releases of 2020.
  5. TypeWknd is an online-only type conference for those who see, draw, make, study, and sell type. Two videos from the 2020 TypeWknd will be posted each week to the YouTube channel.
  6. The Advisory Board, which includes five new members, is the first elected by TDC membership since the organization became part of The One Club for Creativity last October. The merger provides TDC with resources and infrastructure to broaden and grow its programming and aligns with TOCC’s existing emphasis on promoting diversity and inclusion.
  7. Upcoming Type@Cooper workshops are now online and registration for spring 2021 is now open.
  8. Ralf Herrmann

    TypeMedia 2020

    Type and Media is a master’s course in typeface design at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague (KABK). This website presents the work of last year’s graduates.
  9. I was wondering if someone could identify the font(s) used on the cover of various issues of Numéro Berlin. The image is from the "Jugend"-issue of Numéro Berlin as an example (since all covers use the same font). Thanks in advance!
  10. Riccardo Sartori


    A three-axis variable family that shifts from sans to slab serif, from condensed to expanded widths, and from light to bold weights.
  11. Kevin Thompson

    New help identifying this Sports Font (Pack Baseball)

    It appears to be a customization of Brannboll Fet.
  12. Riccardo Sartori

    Climate Crisis

    A variable typeface based on data from satellite images and climate predictions. The heaviest weight represents the the Arctic sea ice in 1979, when satellite measuring began. The lightest represents 2050’s forecast.
  13. checkpoint cheryl

    Kurrent—500 years of German handwriting

    This brought back memories - I attended a Bavarian elementary school from 1959 to 1962 and we still learned Kurrent as our first cursive alphabet. Today I can't read it anymore, so that was a wasted effort haha. My mother who is 96, can still read it, I suppose because she actually used it in her teenage years for her diary entries. If you ask very nicely and if the texts aren't too long, I think she would be glad to translate them for you or at least summarize the gist. :)
  14. get it here: https://fabiandesmet.com/portfolio/butler-font/
  15. Ralf Herrmann


    Inklination is a new grotesque that goes against the ‘genre rules’ and has a low x-height.
  16. Josiah Tanner

    NAADAM Company logotype typeface

    Thank you! I do believe that is it!
  17. Can anyone help me identify this font? It’s for my baseball team. Thanks
  18. Riccardo Sartori

    NAADAM Company logotype typeface

    I’d say Raisonné DemiBold.
  19. For a website redesign I need the font used to create this club's logo. Unsure of its age. Here's a web screenshot.
  20. Hey! I am working on a school project and am making a brand identity analysis for the company NAADAM. I am currently trying to identify the typefaces that the company uses, and I can't seem to find the one they use for their logotype. Any thoughts? https://naadam.co
  21. Eric Schroeder

    Harley Davidson Script Font

    Ah. Ok. Now I can download it. I thought it was the actual font. I need to change the wording to something else for a project were doing. The Deftone fonts dont really match close enough.
  22. Ralf Herrmann

    Harley Davidson Script Font

    The file is still there. You just can’t download it as guest. As a registered user, it should work.
  23. laptopsmurf

    help identifying UK EMI record label font

    Hi again thanks for your help and input folks - I've downloaded the ones suggested - it looks like Trade Gothic and Bureau bold are the closest, so i'll try them. Kevin - that was also me on the WhatTheFont forum, with a different example of the same font - I was getting desperate, so thanks again. best Mac
  24. Eric Schroeder

    Harley Davidson Script Font

    Hi. I need the Harley font that matches the image above this one. The post shows a PDF with vector but it says unavailable. Can you send me that please? Thank you.
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