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  2. Vernon Adams’ Bangers.
  3. My father in law asked me to help recreate his logo due the loss of his business files. Can someone help me out with the font in his logo?
  4. Riccardo Sartori

    Deep Mind by Ben Hodosi

  5. Optima. download at MyFonts download at MyFonts
  6. Hello! I'm looking to create some 1980s infomercial looking content for a website and instagram. Looking for some help finding the yellow font in the screenshot attached. Here's the full video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5r3cwHMVEfk Thanks! :)
  7. Yesterday
  8. The first thing I noticed about this lettering is the quirky yet fun and interesting /N. However the letterforms could indeed use some refining, as they have a very constructed appearance (the perfectly-semicircular curves, the spine of /S approaching horizontal) with little optical correction (e.g. the thick join in /B). Another thing that strucks me is how the narrow proportions of /N are compared to /A and the rest. This could be a valid design decision, I'm just not sure that would be my preference.
  9. Riccardo Sartori

    Mrs Carter by Beasts of England

  10. Last week
  11. As noted by Gecko, unless it is a typeface with lots of alternate glyphs, it most probably is handwriting. For alternatives, see the suggestions from a previous ID request.
  12. “Regular price: $2180; Deal price: $29; This hand-picked selection of fonts is fully decked out with goodies that are perfect for logos, packaging and eye catching display text. Direct from the magical workshops of Set Sail Studios, TypeType and Callie Hegstrom, among many others, these fonts will help take your designs to the next level!”
  13. The two 'y's are totally different as well as the two 'n's. I suggest it is hand drawn.
  14. Small town photographer had someone use this font for her a few years ago - she has used it as a watermark on her digital proofs. She now wants some brochures designed and I'd like to come as close as I can to this script. It's a nice font and I've searched but am hopeful someone knows what it is by quick glance.
  15. Greg Yerbury

    answered Le Petit Prince book title font

    If you are after a font that comes a bit close then Boucherie cursive is one.
  16. Ralf Herrmann

    answered Le Petit Prince book title font

    Clearly lettering. Not a font.
  17. Hi everyone! Please give me a help on this Le Petit Prince book title font. Thank you in advance!
  18. Creative Market has are around 5000 results in that category.
  19. Ralf Herrmann

    Your opinion on the giant letters exposed in Saint-Brieuc

    I don’t see much problems with it to be honest. In this kind of “display use” context, I prefer a unique look over a bland/overused typeface. They could have used Arial. That would have been bad. 😉
  20. Most likely to be handwritten, not a typeface. For a similar style, you could look for "signature font".
  21. Hello All Hope you can help, im trying to find out what font is being used for the logo attached. It was produced for https://www.thecoutureclub.com/ in the UK which is a fashion brand The name "Couture", i have tried the online matching services, but nothing comes close. i am looking to identify the font and to use it for my own project Many Thanks A
  22. I am sorry i did not elaborate further. As Ralf points out, I meant that the business card uses different weights of Avenir.
  23. Probably just a bolder cut of Avenir. download at MyFonts
  24. @Riccardo Sartori Okay, thanks for the help! How bout' the "grand watch & jewellery sdn bhd"? Are they using Sultan Nahia typeface?
  25. It looks like some cut of Avenir. download at MyFonts
  26. Hello, I'm looking for all the font used in this business card. Are all of them using a same typeface with just different font weights? Thank you in advance! https://moshengpeople.tumblr.com/post/188322407469/identity-card-for-gwjgallery << original image source link here...
  27. Ralf Herrmann

    Line spacing

    Thanks for the offer. I added Czech as an option to the database. Just click “edit” under an entry to added a translation.
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