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  2. Well said young Kevin pretentious brand designers, charging a small fortune.
  3. “ Nikola Djurek is a prolific type designer from Croatia, whose work is used by people world-wide, and celebrated by colleagues.”
  4. I guess I wasn’t clear enough—the typefaces ARE Gotham, Craw Modern, and Madison Antiqua. I was trying to get across that I found it pretentious of Device to suggest they were custom faces created for this project. It’s a pet peeve of mine—designers or design firms who wax poetic about all the research they did to come up with some branding only to use an off-the-shelf typeface (albeit very good ones) and not credit them properly.
  5. So the outline should be set to "outside"
  6. Amalie when you stroke a character or font is is much nicer if you use the outline feature so you don't end up with those ugly butt ends. Futura is a wonderful font and looks gorgeous when set properly.
  7. Futura Extra Bold Oblique with a terrible stoke applied inside and outside. A beautiful typeface ruined by a novice.
  8. Okay, sorry about that. Thanks!
  9. I edited the title and provide the source of the logo: http://www.showroommama.nl/nl/ Keep in mind that these things are required in this forum. If you fail to provide them in upcoming requests, your posts might just be deleted.
  10. I assumed it... thanks a lot for your quick response and for the other font recommendations! They will look great in my project ;) All the best!
  11. Hello, I'm looking to identify this font (or something similar) used in this logo for Mama. I need a digital version:) Thank you
  12. Page cord

    String used for tying up a columns or pages of letterpress type after making up. This is done to to secure the columns or pages temporarily until they are imposed or to store them (see standing matter).
  13. Wolfe Editions

    Wolfe Editions is the studio of David Wolfe. David is a master printer specializing in relief and intaglio printing. This consists of traditional and contemporary letterpress, etching, photopolymer plates, woodcut, linoleum, and wood engraving. The studio shop consists of 2000 square feet with seven letterpresses and five type casting machines. With over thirty cases of antique wood type and 100 cases of hand type we can accommodate most needs. The studio is located in the Bakery Studio Building in Portland, Maine surrounded by a very active art community. In addition to the press room they have a clean room used for processing finished prints and classes run regularly.
  14. Yesterday
  15. Hi, I am looking for the font that all of these last names (COOPER, HARTRANFT, MUSQUIN, LOCURCIO, DEEGAN) are in. I have identified the number font, but am still looking for the name fonts. Thank you!
  16. Click the link you posted, and scroll down to where they list the typefaces. The names would suggest they are custom typefaces created for the brand, called Method Gothic (the sans) and Standard Roman (the serif), but they sure look like Gotham and Craw Modern to me. Madison Antiqua appears to be what they are calling Mthdstnd Italic.
  17. Hi dear community, one of my favorite Design Studios is Device and i really love their unique packaging design of Method + Standard http://www.wearedevice.com/methodandstandard I was looking for quite a long time for the Method-Font but i couldn't figure out... The Elise Fill otf (400) is quite similar, but that's not enough... Could anyone please give me a hint? Thanks in advance, F
  18. Thanks. I'll ask them! Will report back here anything positive.
  19. Reynolds Stone’s descendants license the Janet font on a limited, and case-by-case, basis; I doubt it will ever be sold on commercial typeface website. You can contact them here: https://www.reynoldsstone.co.uk/contact/
  20. I too noticed the font as it whizzed by in the titles and loved the look of it, and then came upon this hopefully not so phantom thread. Any chance that the "Eclipse - Janet" will be sold? Any idea how to contact "Eclipse" to ask them? Thanks.
  21. The sans looks like some cut of Futura: download at MyFonts
  22. Houserama League Night https://houseind.com/hi/housearama
  23. Hello. I was wondering if anyone might help me identify two of the fonts used in this logo? In particular, the joined-up handwritten style font used in the word 'Pavilion', and if possible, the sans serif font used for the words 'THE' and 'CAFE'. It's possible that the letter 'P' in 'Pavilion' might actually use a different font altogether, though I'm not sure. The Pavilion Cafe is a small cafe in the North of England who I work for. I've been asked to design new promo materials including posters, flyers, menus etc using the same (or similar) typefaces to continue the brand. This logo was designed at some point in the past 10 years but unfortunately, the original designer is nowhere to be found, so we've not able to identify the fonts used. I'd greatly appreciate if anyone might help! Thanks
  24. Hi, I have seen a font that I really like and would like to use as part of my company logo. Can anyone help identifying for me please? Thanks, Sukh
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