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  2. How do I – as a beginner – start to design a font?

    Please look at our educational site Of course the book has extended information. I think that Anatomie der Buchstaben is the best and most recent book about designing a typeface. From there you can go to books from designers like Zapf, Unger, Wiescher etc.
  3. If something similar would also help: Post Grotesk
  4. Letterpress Commons

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  6. Here are 3 pictures with this font from the movie.
  7. Need help finding this font

    It looks like a mismatch of different fonts, and also stretched and distorted. The best match I could find is Dulcian: download at MyFonts Using the |m| from Dulcian Condensed.
  8. How do I – as a beginner – start to design a font?

    I wouldn’t know. But some tips anyway: “Lust auf Lettering” has a lot of type design basics, even though it is focused on calligraphy. “Anatomie der Buchstaben” deals with the design of certain letters. “Schriftdesign” by Wiescher has the same topic, but it is somewhat outdated.
  9. How do I – as a beginner – start to design a font?

    Are there any german alternatives for books like this?
  10. I agree. Sample: download at MyFonts
  11. Probably Champion Script from Parachute
  12. Please help Identify the font in the picture. Font of the words - " Wedding Invitation". Any help will be sincerely appreciated.
  13. How to create typefaces

  14. Fonts from a poster (About ... Student)

    SUCCESS is Citizen Slab “about the” appears to be Yellowtail
  15. Need help finding this font

    I have to reset a t-shirt and for the life of me can;t find this font. Thanks in advance if anyone might know what it could be.
  16. Last week
  17. Fonts from a poster (About ... Student)

    Do you have that a little larger?
  18. The myth of Kramer-Grotesk

  19. Free Web Fonts

    As far as I remember, both Typekit and offer free basic plans. You can look for others in the Directory on this very website.
  20. Free Web Fonts

    Hi all, Does anyone know of any free web font platforms other than Google Fonts, Adobe Edge and Font Squirrel (as listed here)? I'm struggling to find diversity online and can only afford to pay for a select few. Thanks in advance!
  21. Book with collection of the most common typefaces (fonts)

    I'm a big fan of New Perspectives in Typography. It was very current in 2015 and I think it still is now.
  22. I would need some help identifying the font for - "about the" - and "Success" Thank you
  23. Unknown automotive font

    Thank you very much Riccardo. You may be right about it being a custom font. Your suggested alternatives are pretty good, I think.
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