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  2. Please help me identify the curled serif font used for the Spanish title of this wall calendar that reads: "Ntra. Sra. DEL PERPETUO SOCORRO" The calendar is sold at this website: https://balmeslibreria.com/libro/perpetuo-socorro-calendario-pared-2020/ • looking for a digital version. Commercial fonts are fine. • thank you for your time and effort.
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  5. Riccardo Sartori

    Alike Angular

    “Alike Angular is a complementary titling style to Alike Regular. It shares the same proportions as its counterpart for compatibility, and is designed for larger display sizes. As opposed to the soft Regular its letterforms consist of only straight splines and additional expressive features are introduced in characters like T, Z, M, E.”
  6. Not finding anything with such a quirky |g|. Also I’m not sure if the rounding that seems going on is a part of the original design or simply poor reproduction. That said, alternatives may include: Omnes (rounded); Kaleko 205 Text (or non-Text if you like your ascenders and descenders especially short, in which case it also can be Round); Typold; Liber Grotesque (very quirky |g|); Rotunda; Qualion; Clarika or Pro (both in the Grotesque variety); Migrena Grotesque (although the |a| has a pretty different personality); Taro (if the |l| d
  7. WellDressedAnon

    Font from "ASCII Shader Demo" video

    Yeah, I was worried that the spacing might be the software and not the font itself. I suppose if I wanted to replicate this I could just export the individual glyphs. Thanks fellas, I'll probably end up going with either Square or Montserrat.
  8. Kevin Thompson

    Font from "ASCII Shader Demo" video

    It appears to be several different weights of Montserrat. Agree with Riccardo that the spacing is a function of the design/layout, not the typeface. The characters in the video don’t fill the exact same square space (the @ symbol is the largest, the $ % # are approximately the same size, and the asterisk occupies the smallest space).
  9. Ralf Herrmann

    Bouba Round

    Creating a round typeface with a great reading experience has been our guiding principle throughout the design process — Bouba Round needed to work in small sizes and long text as well as in Headlines.
  10. Ralf Herrmann

    Boogy Brut

    Boogy Brut is the outcome of a collaboration between Boogy Paper and Bureau Brut.
  11. Riccardo Sartori

    Font from "ASCII Shader Demo" video

    There is not much apart, from |@|$|, to positively identify it. It could well be a non monospaced typeface (in fact it’s similar to some non-monospaced versions of DIN). What is more than likely is that the square matrix is not achieved by the font metrics alone, but forced by the software. There are typefaces with perfectly square bounding boxes like Panoptica, HWT Konop, and the aptly named Square. As for generally wide monospaced typefaces, I didn’t find anything similar.
  12. Hi Kevin, Thanks for trying! Metro does have those bowls to them, I like the cursive 'e'! What where they thinking haha. Closest fonts I found is something like Brandon Grotesque or Arquitecta which do have some of the elements but are still very different. Maybe someone else will find something. Cheers Heyman
  13. ilt

    Type Anatomy: Bracketed / Unbracketed vs. Adnate / Abrupt Serifs

    Yes, the terms are synonymous. But adnate and abrupt feel dated now (IMO). I much prefer the more descriptive bracketed and unbracketed.
  14. Designed for Network Rail, the typeface is an update of Calvert's original Rail Alphabet typeface from the 1960s and was designed together with Henrik Kubel of A2-TYPE.
  15. Looking for a digital version of the font used in this video. I'm fine with alternatives as long as they're also monospaced and have glyphs which take up the space of a square rather than a rectangle.
  16. Sorry, not finding an exact match. Reminds me a bit of Metro / Metro No. 2, which originally had a double-story a and g that later became alternate characters, and those distended bowls on the b and p.
  17. venom

    Font used in book "Vril or Vital Magnetism"

    Ok, thank you very much. 🙂
  18. venom

    Looking for e-book written in Caslon Gothic font

    Yes, I mean this typeface. Gothic/Blackletter variant of Caslon font was used in Anglo-Saxon typography for titles and caption headings. I do not know, that exists an older (or latter) book with major text written in this typeface. I need it for OCR patterns training.
  19. LaurenLu

    Font from 1975 limited edition Book "Bits of This and That"

    Thank you @Ralf Herrmann! That is what someone else suggested too - it looks a bit different but likely due to digital versus phototypeset version.
  20. Ralf Herrmann

    Font from 1975 limited edition Book "Bits of This and That"

    Melior, probably the phototypesetting version, but also available as digital font. download at MyFonts
  21. Family published book, looking for this font.
  22. E.L. Fudge is Club Type, by Adrian Williams. Elfwich and Original are Sinclair Script by by Steve Jackaman and Douglas Crawford McMurtrie.
  23. Hi, I'm trying to identify the two fonts for "E.L.Fudge" and "Elfwich" on this cookie package. Not sure if either might be custom, but hoping to find something close for each, as I'm trying to make a parody piece. Some other info: "Elfwich" itself looks to be a slightly squashed version of the text directly below it, "Original..." to "...Filling". Keebler has since updated their packaging, but as far as I can tell, this version is pretty recent, likely from earlier this year. I've seen some grocery websites that still show this version, such as Wegmans. Any help is appreciat
  24. Hi I'm reading about serifs and how they are connected to the stem. I come across the term pairs bracketed / unbracketed and adnate / abrupt. Are bracketed serifs the same as adnate serifs, or vice versa, are unbracketed serifs the same as an abrupt ones? Are these term pairs interchangeable? Thanks Bracketed / Adnate Unbracketed / Abrupt
  25. Hi, I'm looking for the font from a Art/Poem book from 1946 or something similar. The quirky double-story g makes it hard for me. When I do find something similar the decenders and ascenders seem too long. Hope someone can help, Thanks Heyman
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