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  3. I literally work for a monument company. I have to draw the fonts into the program we use if someone wants custom work, though we try to avoid using a non standard font most of the time. Seeing as designing font isn't my strong suit, I'm looking for visually similar to figure out what the missing letters could look like. I do greatly appreciate the link as I didn't know that site existed.
  4. Last week
  5. Since the first time I saw this font in use, I fell in love with it and I am looking for a typographic e-book project. I found the image of the invitation for exhibition on tumblr, and searching, I found the event page, where I got this image: https://www.gvuo.cz/en/norbert-grund-fecit_ed8
  6. AzizMostafa

    Arabic font to pair with Lexicon

    Lexicon? A system like Windows or Apple Macintosh or something else? Still investigating! Making use of Telegram? https://Telegram.org/ The attached file (book-fonts.pdf) that I found at https://T.me/Arabic_lexicon might help. 2. Are Lexicon fonts unique and dynamic like our Arabic fonts (Attached QB-English.pdf) What is your take to my font that can be seen in the attached YS-Aziz.pdf? Please go explore more at my link https://T.me/FonJawi All the Best with Flowers https://t.me/FlowerCrosswords book-fonts.pdf QB-English.pdf YS-Aziz.pdf
  7. Elli

    University of Turku Lex font

    Many thanks!
  8. Kevin Thompson

    University of Turku Lex font

    Chaparral Bold
  9. Elli

    University of Turku Lex font

    Hi, I am looking for the font for association of the law students studying in the University of Turku. Thanks,
  10. Belstar

    Looking for this font used in The Age newspaper online ads

    Yes spot on. Thanks Ralf 😀
  11. Ralf Herrmann

    Looking for this font used in The Age newspaper online ads

    It’s a style of Abril. download at MyFonts
  12. Ralf Herrmann

    TDC: Moving forward

    “The board has been working to reverse the course of the club, from financial insolvency caused by the pandemic, to becoming a viable non-profit institution for all. […] The Board is committed to seeing the TDC survive and thrive. This moment is one in which we are working—with your help!—to rethink and restructure the TDC into a better, more equitable and more responsive organization, and continue to celebrate typographic excellence the world over.”
  13. Ralf Herrmann

    The Type Directors Club is closing

    The original, now removed announcement:
  14. I'm trying to match this font used in The Age newspaper (Melbourne Australia) online advertising. This is a screen grab of a sponsored ad on Facebook. Can anyone tell me what it is? Thank you!
  15. Type on gravestones doesn’t always correspond to type used for printing (many monument companies developed their own proprietary faces). That appears to be the case here (not finding a match). You would be better off posting your request at Monument Lettering Center’s font ID forum.
  16. Vicky Donachie

    Brush font identification (Back 2 normal)

    Thank you!! 👍
  17. This is a photo provided by the family. A secondary photo of the stone can be found here. Photo is of a small grey granite headstone with a unique font. Estimated creation is from the late 60s - early 70s Looking for a font that is as close as possible if not exactly so I can make the family a new matching headstone with different information. Commercial fonts are fine but free alternatives are preferred.
  18. Gizzmo

    Brush font identification (Back 2 normal)

  19. Hi Can anyone help me identify the brush type font attached please? A client (Chiropractor) produced their own leaflet using a well know online design platform (all the wrong size, not CMYK, text not set correctly) & now they have asked me to make changes to the pdf except the font isn't listed in the "font" properties. Their website doesn't appear to use this font anywhere but the link is: https://www.back2normal.me/ I have also attached a screenshot of the pdf leaflet they sent me along with the pdf properties box showing fonts used. None listed are this one. As
  20. Sorry, but type on machinery dials and plates, especially during this era, were usually hand lettered or created with lettering templates—not with type used for printing (not finding a match). Tactic Sans Bold is similar.
  21. Ralf Herrmann

    Municipal by House Industries

  22. I am making a resist to etch new brass plates. I have created the logo, I need to create the text. This is from a machine made in the US in 1944-1946. This is from a photo that I took. I am looking for a digital font, preferably free. Thank you for your help
  23. Gecko

    Seeking font comparable to "Andrich Minerva"

    Graphx7 you might want to take a look at Lovelace from Zetafonts. Six weights in three variants with italics. https://www.zetafonts.com/lovelace You can sign up and get a free trial
  24. Floodfonts

    Turbine by Floodfonts

  25. Gecko

    Malik by Zetafonts

    Now that's my kind of Sans Serif !!!
  26. Ralf Herrmann

    Malik by Zetafonts

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