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  • Frequently asked questions

    Why is this site asking me about receiving browser notifications?

    If you keep Typography.Guru open in a browser window, the site can inform you about new activity (new replies, new personal messages and so on) without the need for you to check for new activity manually. You can set your browser to allow or disallow those notifications. But you need to make a choice. Do not dismiss the request or it will come again on each visit. 

    Which of my content is public and appears on Google?

    The content you post in our knowledge databases (like the Directory) is always public. The forums under the category “members only” are not public. Content published here will only be visible to other members and will not appear in search engines. 

    Keep in mind that we have no control over content already indexed by search engines. If you delete certain content (e.g. content on your profile page) or even your whole account, it might take some time until that content disappears from the search indexes. 

    How can I delete my content?

    Usually, you can’t. In the forums there is a time limit for making changes. This helps to correct things like spelling mistakes you might have overlooked while typing. But you cannot remove all your content from this site. We might occasionally agree to delete individual posts. But when others have already started to reply to your posts, we usually can’t delete your content anymore, because it would also delete the content of others or would render their posts pointless. 

    I am getting too many notifications!

    Please edit your notification settings or unfollow content you are not interested in anymore. 

    How can I delete my account?

    You can request account deletion here

    I can’t upload files anymore!

    You have probably reached your upload limit. You might check if you want to delete any of your uploads from the past. A premium account option with more upload space will come later. 

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