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    How to use OpenType in InDesign

    Many InDesign users don’t use OpenType to its full potential, even though OpenType features can significantly improve the typographic quality of most designs. This Skillshare class is a complete guide to how to use OpenType in InDesign. I will explain in detail which OpenType features can be used in InDesign, what they do, where to find them and I will tell you in which situations you should use them. 

    This class can be useful to InDesign users of all experience levels. 

    Access: Typography.Guru patrons only. One lesson is free for Typography.Guru members

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    26 min

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    Academy Lessons:

    A: What is OpenType and where to find it in InDesign

    This lesson explains a few basics about the OpenType font format and shows where OpenType functions can be accessed in InDesign. 

    members only

    B: OpenType outside of the OpenType menu

    OpenType options are not only accessible from the OpenType menu. In this lesson we look at the fly-out menu of the character panel and discuss which options use OpenType and which do not. 

    patrons only

    C: The OpenType Menu

    In this lesson, all options of InDesign’s OpenType menu are discussed. You will learn what each feature does and in which situation you should use it. 

    patrons only

    D: The Glyphs panel and inline OpenType editing

    Learn about accessing OpenType features through the Glyphs panel and while using text tool. 

    patrons only

    E: OpenType in character and paragraph styles

    Where to find OpenType functions in character and paragraph styles. 

    patrons only
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