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Help with fonts used in a web video published on the BBC website in 2005

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Hi all, I would like some help with fonts used in a BBC web video from 2005.

Here are screenshots from said video (sorry about the picture quality but it was 2005). I think I've managed to identify most of them, but would like to have a second opinion from the experts on here; and also have help to narrow down some to specific fonts within a family.














1964 > Cooper Black
1965 > ??
1966 > ??
1967 > in Eurostile family
1968 > in Eurostile family
1969 > Arial


1970 > ??
1971 > Maiandra
1972 > Cooper Black
1973 > Britannic Bold
1974 > Budmo Jiggler
1975 > Futura Extra Bold
1976 > Arial Rounded or Helvetica Rounded
1977 > ??
1978 > Arial Black
1979 > Street Cred


1980 > Hobo
1981 > Computer Regular
1982 > ??
1983 > ?? (similar to Tahoma)
1984 > Stencil
1985 > Arial Rounded or Helvetica Rounded
1986 > Bauhaus
1987 > Segoe UI
1988 > ??
1989 > ??


Thank you in advance 


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Have I done something wrong or broken the rules?

I opened my query four days ago and no one has replied. I thought that the experts here would at least be able to confirm some of the 18 fonts I identified myself, if not the 8 unknown fonts.

Am I wrong?

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16 hours ago, John R C said:

OK, I apologise.

How should I proceed from here?

Dude, Ralph just told you: “It’s probably best to ask specifically about one or two fonts.” I for one am not gonna quit my day job in order to have the time to figure out a ton of fonts that I don’t even find all that appealing in the first place. 

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To break the awkwardness, do you have a better image source? Perhaps a screenshot per font, instead of all-in-one screenshot? Other than that I would pick two fonts you want the most, and let's go from there. Ideally with better resolution images. 😉

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Elfen-Fraktur—a monolinear blackletter typeface
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