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What’s new in FontExplorer X Pro 5

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Monotype released version 5 of its font management app FontExplorer X Pro for Mac OS. Here is an overview of the noteworthy changes.

left: old version; right: FontExplorer X Pro 5

  • The colorful icons of the previous version were replaced by black ones. 
  • The font list can now also be presented in a tile view with custom text. 


  • The auto-activation plugin were updated and now also support the 2015 version of Adobe’ Creative Cloud and QuarkXPress. 
  • The glyph views were updated to show the all characters of Unicode version 7.
  • Viewing and organizing webfonts was updated to also support the WOFF 2 format.
  • Fonts from the web services Skyfonts and Typekit can be viewed and managed within FontExplorer X Pro. 
  • The web shops/services fonts.com, linotype.com, myfonts.com, fontshop.com and Monotype Membership can be directly accessed within the app. Font downloads are then intercepted and taken over into the app. 


FontExplorer X Pro 5 can be bought at fontexplorerx.com. Updates from version 4.x are available at a reduced price and free when bought after April 1, 2015.

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Stephen Coles


Thanks for the info. I was wondering when we’d see an update of the Adobe plug-ins to maintain compatibility with Creative Cloud. Unfortunately, these plug-in updates are not available in FEX 4, so it appears we must pay $49 just to keep activation working. Sad.


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Ralf Herrmann


Unfortunately, these plug-in updates are not available in FEX 4 …

​Is that written somewhere? They could also roll them out later for older versions. I don’t know though. Just speculating.  

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We bought a v4upgrade end of 2014 and now they want to hit us again for another upgrade! We have CC 2015 and need the plugins but really unfair to charge $46 x 50 (50 user license) for a previous upgrade not even 8 months old!

At the very least it should be half of upgrade price.

May switch to another font program... 

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