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The type specimens of the world in one database …
  • Typography Weekly #10

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      Ductus, calligrapher’s guide lines generator

      “We all love writing, and like any art, practice is essential. To make your training easier, here’s a tool to generate your ideal template.”


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      Video: OpenType vs. TrueType - 5 common misconceptions

      “Things you might not know about the TrueType and OpenType font formats.”


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      The new features in Glyphs 2.1

      “We like to call it the You wanted it, you got it update. That is because, apart from the usual fixes and performance enhancements, the 2.1 update contains a load of improvements requested by you, the users.”


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      Legibility ≠ Optional

      When creating a website, there’s a mental checklist a designer might run through… is this engaging?, is it easy to understand?, is it on-brand?… but the very first, no-brainer point is, can people read it?


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      On Kickstarter: Richard Rutter’s Web Typography Book

      A handbook for designing beautiful and effective typography in modern websites.


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