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  • Typography Weekly #17

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      TypeAmsterdam 2015

      TypeAmsterdam is an event organized in cooperation of “Bijzondere Collecties” (Special Collections) of the University of Amsterdam and the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague. The talks will be held in English.


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      New: Miller Text from Font Bureau

      “Matthew Carter’s Miller is a seminal reinvigoration of the 19th-century Scotch Roman, serving forthright, authoritative body copy and headlines since 1997. Today, in parallel with Font Bureau, we complete the Miller series on Webtype with Miller Text …”


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      Type Foundries Today & the Typographica Census

      Acting as a regular census of type foundries, and a status report on the industry at large. Based on a master thesis by Ruxandra Duru and now continued on typographica.org.


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      2015 Reading Typefaces

      The website presenting the 2015 MATD class typefaces is now online.


      Riccardo Sartori

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      Moriston. A sans-serif typeface with stroke contrast

      Moriston is a new stressed sans-serif grotesque available in 6 weights, with support for over 200 languages and a variety of additional number styles. Designed by Riley Cran, and available from the Lost Type Co-op.


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