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  • Typography Weekly #18

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      New MyFonts homepage

      MyFonts has launched a new homepage and you can now also follow people and foundries.


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      Prototypo beta launched

      The beta of the parametric online font editor Prototypo has launched.


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      Ted Harrison retires; Thomas Phinney now FontLab President

      FontLab announces the retire­ment of co-​​founder and cor­po­rate busi­ness leader Theodore (Ted) Harrison. Harrison will con­tinue as Chair­man, but has stepped down from most day-​​to-​​day oper­a­tions.


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      Typodarium 2016

      This calendar presents 366 fonts by 223 designers. It was created by Lars Harmsen & Raban Ruddigkeit and is published by the German typography publisher “Hermann Schmidt Verlag Mainz”.



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      I am Musta – a modular typeface – and would like to invite you to experimant and play with me, test the limits of readability and go beyond.


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      Underware font Tripper as physical stencil set

      “As a true stencil typeface, Tripper should not only live as a digital font on your computer, but also as physical stencils. This set contains A-Z and 0-9 in a nice bold size (85 mm).”


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