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  • Official List of Emoji Candidates

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    “The Unicode Technical Committee (UTC) has accepted 67 characters as candidates for emoji. At the May 2016 UTC meeting, a final determination will be made for ones to be added to Unicode 9.0, for release in June 2016.”


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    Riccardo Sartori


    My reaction is torn between U+1F922 and U+1F923. 

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    Posted (edited)

    So I was just scrolling down the list, mildly curious, until my leisurely scrolling ground to a sudden halt at the Body section.


    U+1F919  cannot reasonably be described as “CALL ME HAND.” Context matters. E.g., as a (beginner-level) student of American Sign Language, I did not see anything about phone calls in this sign — I simply saw a Y handshape. By the same token, U+1F91A is the B handshape, U+1F91B and U+1F91C are the S handshape, and U+1F91E is the R handshape. So this new addition allows me to spell BRYS is ASL. How frikkin’ wonderful!

    But all kidding aside, even an English-only speaker might not see CALL ME in U+1F919, as the handshape depends on being placed near the speaker’s mouth and ears to be understood in real life. What speakers of other languages might see in the handshape is anybody’s guess.

    Bottom line: this whole mess remains a culturally biased, highly inconsistent hodgepodge.

    Edited by Þorsten
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