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  • Typography Weekly #23

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      App font licensing from Hoefler & Co.

      “With App.typography you can publish apps, digital publications, or eBooks using any of the H&Co fonts you’ve purchased for your computer. App.typography is a simple, fixed-cost, annual subscription that’s priced per title, not per font …”


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      FF Meta family for $199 instead of $1059

      “Now at FontFont’s 25th Anniversary, we celebrate Erik Spiekermann’s formative work and reexamine FF Meta—his most prodigious family and a truly founding member of the FontFont library.”


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      Typekit Practise: Caring about OpenType features

      “In this lesson, we’ll learn what OpenType features are, when to use them, and why they matter.”


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      Monotype Foundation Collection 90% off

      “The Foundation Collection provides 75 versatile fonts spanning the most essential serif and sans serif categories—along with a functional set of script and display styles.”


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      OpenType enhancements in the latest InDesign update

      “The InDesign CC 2015 update introduces intuitive OpenType enhancements when working with glyphs.”


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      People Need to Use Typography: An Interview with Non-Latin Type Designer Erin McLaughlin

      TypeThursday sat down with Erin Mclaughlin and we talked about her work as a non-latin typeface designer. As the markets in South Asia continue to mature, the need for non-latin typography grows only larger. Erin shared both the challenges and rewards in working in the sub-specialty.


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