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  • Typography Weekly #27

      Riccardo Sartori

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      Monotype introduces a flat rate subscription service

      “The Monotype Library Subscription gives you full access to fonts from Monotype, Linotype, Ascender, ITC, and Bitstream (over 2,200 font families).”


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      Riccardo Sartori

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      Type Design Software Questionnaire from the Alphabettes

      “We’re working on a State of the Union for Type Design Software. If you design type, please fill out the form. It shouldn’t take more than four minutes and your individual answers will be kept confidential. Thanks so much in advance!”


      Riccardo Sartori

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      TypeTogether’s Typeface Publishing Incentive Program

      Now in its 3rd edition, it’s open to all currently enrolled students of typeface design. The winning student will be given guidance and support in developing their career after graduation, through critical, expert-feedback, economic support and a publishing contract with TypeTogether.


      Riccardo Sartori

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      Novecento Carved

      “Novecento Carved is a minimalist and easy-to-use layered font family.
      It must be paired with Novecento Sans, used as base layer.
      Each glyph of each style of Novecento Carved (around 18.000) was manually reviewed and adjusted after the first interpolation.”


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      Fontspring is now offering demo fonts

      “You’ve consistently told us that trying out fonts is absolutely essential for your job, and at the same time terribly cumbersome. We labored with our foundry partners to come up with an amazing solution. Today, we are introducing a FREE new product called Demo Fonts.”


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      Pangramme - Student type design exhibition

      “We are inviting to participate in an international call for applications for recently drawn, unpublished type designs by students. The selected project will be shown at the gallery of Lorraine Fine Art School in Metz …”


      Riccardo Sartori

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      Analyzing 50k fonts using deep neural networks

      “For some reason I decided one night I wanted to get a bunch of fonts. A lot of them.”



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      Silver Buckle Press finds a new home at the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum

      “The UW–Madison Libraries launch a partnership with Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum to house and care for the Libraries’ historic Silver Buckle Press and its collection.”


      Riccardo Sartori

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      Academic Publishing On Typography

      “For the scholars among you who are looking for peer-reviewed places to publish their research papers, the following publications and journals may publish articles on type and typography related topics, visual communication, etc.”


      Riccardo Sartori

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      Vietnamese Typography: An Interview with Donny Truong

      “TypeThursday spoke with typographer Donny Trương on the lack of support for Vietnamese in typefaces and how we can improve the situation.”


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