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Curated quality fonts from I Love Typography
  • Typography Weekly #34

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      New Features in Glyphs 2.3

      “Welcome to Version 2.3 of Glyphs! Take a moment and read through what’s new, and we’re sure you will agree that this is the best app version ever. As always, update by choosing Glyphs > Check for Updates…”


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      TPTQ Arabic: Breaking New Common Ground

      “Multiscript typeface design is thriving with manifold approaches and promising possibilities.”


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      Pensum Pro from TypeMates released

      “Pensum is a typeface for text, text and nothing but text. A pure monster, straight and plain.”


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      Typographica Favorite Typefaces of 2015

      “Welcome to our tenth annual celebration of what is fresh and interesting in type design.”


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      Riccardo Sartori

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      Ermina, a new typeface by František Štorm

      “In the realm of decorative typefaces, only a few are usable for longer texts, but Ermina’s swallow-tail serifs disappear in small sizes and her open drawing is perfectly legible.”


      Riccardo Sartori

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      Ten notable type designers who also happen to be women

      “To be a type designer requires an acute attention to detail, an innovative creative eye, and the ability to apply a concept with meticulous diligence through all possible micro-permutations, which can require years.”


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      Liza Lettering—a font with its own OS X app

      With Liza Lettering there is no excuse not to become a lettering artist yourself. With the combined app & font, it’s as simple to make a skillful hand lettering as doodling with the pen.


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Canape—a cosy type family from FDI Type …
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