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  • Typography Weekly #46

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      Color font demo and information page from Adobe Typekit

      “Adobe’s new color fonts use an innovative font technology that allows built-in SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) to enhance the way the fonts appear. This new standard allows color information to be stored inside a font and could change the way people interact with type.”


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      Martina Flor opens online shop

      Studio Martina Flor is launching a product collection that aims to bring exquisite typography into beautiful and creative products. The collection ranges from paper goods to accessories, where every item is designed with care for detail and materials are meticulously selected.


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      Why we need a new Kabel

      Ferdinand Ulrich writes about the original and the redesign Kabel typeface.


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      The Immense Typography Collection

      “The Immense Typography Collection features more than 30 high-quality fonts and over 90 easy-to edit modern logo templates!”



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      Baton Turbo: a new grotesque by Fatype

      Baton Turbo is a grotesque that combines a simple straightforward formal approach, with eccentric letter shapes inspired by french vernacular typography.



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      Sticky Type

      “Spice up your text messages with Sticky Type, the fully animated lettering stickers. Customized type design and punchy animations accentuate your emotions. Next time you want to “yeah!” somebody, do it properly – with Sticky Type.”


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      New font family from Underware: Zeitung

      “Its optical sizes offer the best style for each size of your text. Next to that: the lightest weights also function as grades, because they share the same metrics.”


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      New House Industries website

      … finally also offering webfonts directly on the site.


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      New Features in Glyphs 2.4

      Support for Variable Fonts, macOS Sierra compatibility, improved support for SVG color fonts, better WOFF compression, improved TT hinting, as well as many new additions for interpolation, path editing, image handling, and much, much more.


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