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    “Inspired by the early Antiquas of the 18th century, Eugene Yukechev’s modern design adds a fresh touch to these easily legible fonts.”


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    Same thing I think of any communication tool: it is another tool in the toolbox, nothing more, nothing less. Whether we use specific words, phrases, graphics, typefaces, sound, or any other communication asset, the question becomes to whom are we communicating, what are we communicating, and how do we communicate? The other day, I was finally able to use a typeface that I have been wanting to use for years; finally the right "voice" for the task. Typefaces are voices. Type designers often feel that they are works of art, and indeed they may be. But really, at the core of the human experiment, they are voices... tools in the toolbox. Now certainly, some tools are used more often than others... perhaps we call them workhorses? Specific to FF Casus... I'm sure projects will come along where the FF Casus voice will be just the perfect tool. Is it a workhorse? Is Times New Roman a workhorse? Is there logic in these two opposing questions?

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