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  • Typography Weekly #57

      Riccardo Sartori

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      Dan Rhatigan on Variable Fonts and the Future of Typography

      Khoi Vinh interviews the senior manager for Adobe Type and veteran of the industry.


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      Why we’re afraid of this font

      “Typography is undergoing a public renaissance. Typography usually strives to be invisible, but recently it’s become a mark of sophistication for readers to notice it and have an opinion.”



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      Ale Paul released Bibliophile Script

      Bibliophile comes in 2 weights, each of them with over 900 glyphs covering all the latin languages.


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      Between by Akira Kobayashi: 48 fonts for 49 EUR/USD

      “Get the complete Between font family with all 48 styles in OpenType Pro format for only EUR/$ 49 by June 15. You save $150 (75%) off the normal price.”


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      The Birth of Wood Type

      P22 Type Foundry and The Hamilton Wood Type Museum have announced the newest addition to the Hamilton Wood Type Legacy Project: Brylski by Nick Sherman, named for retired wood type cutter Norb Brylski and designed to be cut as wood type at the museum in Two Rivers, WI.



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      Oslo Letterheads 2017

      This year International Letterheads Meet will happen in Oslo, Norway. A weekend for sign painters, designers, typography lovers, artists and craftsmen, loaded with workshops, demos, talks and lots of fun. Letterheads are all about "keeping the craft alive", in a light and cool atmosphere with over a hundred people from all over the world sharing their knowledge and experience.


      Riccardo Sartori

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      From Lettering Guides to CNC Plotters — A Brief History of Technical Lettering Tools

      Florian Hardwig and Thomas Maier highlight some major steps in the historical development of lettering tools for drafting.


      Riccardo Sartori

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      Letter resemblance study

      David Březina is conducting a study that looks at shape resemblance between letters of the Latin alphabet.


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