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  • Typography Weekly #65

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      New from Hoftype and 90% off: Urania

      “Urania is a new aproach to early sans serif typefaces, in particular Ferdinand Theinhardt’s types which came out at the beginning of the 20th century. Urania is not an adaption, but a new interpretation of familiar and successful formal features, transformed into a contemporary look.”


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      Fifty Type Specimens: From the Collection of Tobias Frere-Jones

      “Fifty Type Specimens is a collection of postcards with stunning images of typography, for inspiration, correspondence, or display. Cards feature classic letterforms, pages from specimen books, and crops of gorgeous letters presented in a box with the feel of an old specimen book.”


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      Fontstand 2.0 for MacOS released

      “Version 2.0 makes browsing of 1,200 font families much faster & let you type your own text. See also parametric filtering, fonts in use…”


      Joe Graham

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      London Type Foundry launches


      London Type is a brand new foundry releasing quality fonts infused with creativity, innovation, heritage, tolerance, fun and cultural diversity — all inspired by the city of London. Includes a London Dingbat set from guest designer Peter Grundy comprising iconic London landmarks and symbols, our alternative corporate identity for the capital.


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      Variable Fonts coming to Photoshop this year

      “We’re excited to give you yet another sneak peek into some of the new functionality coming to Photoshop CC later this year. Variable Font, a new OpenType font format that supports custom font attributes like weight, width, and slant is coming soon to Photoshop CC.”


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      Progressive Punctuation

      “A collection of non-standard punctuation marks we should be using today.”


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      Riccardo Sartori

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      Fonts don’t matter

      “You might want to sit down for this. Take a few deep breaths. Go to your happy place. Because I’m going to explain why fonts are overrated and what actually matters for readability.”


      Riccardo Sartori

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      Early female typeface designers

      “Every other month the question about who was the first female typeface designer comes up. From my armchair research, for up to the 1950s, so far we know of…”


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