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  • Typography Weekly #67

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      Registration for TYPO Labs 2018 is now open

      “Created for developers by developers, the third TYPO Labs will cover the full stack of font developments, including OpenType Variation, CJK deployment and type challenges in the field of VR and AR.”


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      Neue Helvetica World

      Neue Helvetica World covers the pan-European area (extended Latin alphabet, Cyrillic and Greek) as well as Arabic, Hebrew, Armenian, Georgian, Thai and Vietnamese.


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      Teddy by Fust & Friends is on Fontspring and 66% off

      Teddy by Minjoo Ham is a script-style display font in three layers, plus a stand-alone “Open” variety and a set of multi-language catchwords.


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      What’s in a name? The perception of “Pro”

      What does it mean to you when you see a font with “Pro” in the name? A Medium article by Mary Catherine Pflug.


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      IBM has a new corporate type family and you can get it for free

      A super family (sans, serif, mono) with 16 styles each, designed by Bold Monday with Michael Abbink. Available under the Open Font License.


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      Adobe #ColorFontWeek

      Beginning this week, Adobe is partnering with Fontself to showcase the possibilities of color fonts.


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      An introduction to software for type design

      “An influx of new tools has given rise to a wider enthusiasm for type-creation from designers of all backgrounds, making font development as simple or as complex as you would like it to be.”


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      Riccardo Sartori

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      The Anatomy of a Thousand Typefaces

      Florian Schulz: “The seemingly mindless choice of a font is a general problem with font menus: there are either too few or too many options.
      On one hand, a limitation to system fonts, as seen in the video, can lead to a bad choice because there simply isn’t something better installed.
      On the other hand, web font libraries with hundreds or thousands of fonts can be quite overwhelming and lead to a paradox of choice.”


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