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  • Typography Weekly #72

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      Typographics 2018 announced

      Typographics is a design festival for people who use type. The annual event series, now in its 4th year, takes place June 11–21, 2018, and is devoted to contemp­orary typo­graphy, with talks, work­shops, and tours focusing on where typo­graphy is today and where its future may lie. It will be held at The Cooper Union in New York City.


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      New from Production Type: Cardinal

      “Cardinal is the first type family which entirely originated from the womb of Production Type. It was drawn by Yoann Minet & Quentin Schmerber under Levée’s guidance and debuted as the core typeface in the Trax magazine redesign rollout. After two years of refinement and live-testing by a handful of design studios, the Cardinal collection is now available to a wider audience.”


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      Letterform Archive: The Alphabet Lithographs of Jean Midolle

      “An enigmatic portfolio of fantastical lettering styles continues to fascinate designers and historians. Guest author Dan Reynolds highlights a few favorite plates.”


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      Best Fontspring Fonts of 2017

      “From sleek sans serifs, to striking slab serifs, to fun display families, this list includes only the highest quality font families released this past year. Out of almost 2,000 families released on Fontspring in 2017, we whittled the list down to the 60 top fonts.”


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      Unicode Emoji 11.0 characters now final for 2018

      The new Emoji 11.0 set is fixed and final, and includes the data needed for vendors to begin working on their emoji fonts and code ahead of the release of Unicode 11.0, scheduled for June 2018. The new emoji typically start showing up on mobile phones in August or September.


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      Dave Foster launches his type foundry with Blanco

      “Foster Type is the typographic work of Dave Foster, an independent designer based in Sydney, Australia. He draws typefaces and lettering for design studios, type foundries, brands and individuals around the world.”


      Riccardo Sartori

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      The complete Vectora family by Adrian Frutiger for only $49

      “This clear, distinct typeface came about because the designer consciously allowed himself to be influenced by the American grotesque sans-serif of the early 20th century.”


      Riccardo Sartori

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      Choosing Web Fonts: A Beginner’s Guide

      “The right typographic choice always reflects the specific needs of the project itself. These needs are not only aesthetic, but also technical and functional—and there’s only so much you can tell from snippets of text as you scroll through a dropdown menu from Alegreya to Zapf Dingbats.”


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      New from Typejockeys: Gretel Script

      Letters written by the calligrapher Natascha Safari, turned in to two script fonts (for text and display use) and a caps-only sans-serif design.


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