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  • Typography Weekly #83

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      An introduction to spacing in typography and type design

      An article from the OH no Type Company blog.


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      Interview: Making Tools for Type Design

      Type Designer Mark Frömberg shares how important self-made program tools are to his type design practice. Together with TypeThursday founder Thomas Jockin, Mark goes into how you can start to integrate coding into how you make fonts, a brief discussion on Higher Order Interpolation (HOI) and finally do you need to know programing to make variable fonts.


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      Work from the 2018 MATD class

      Latest student typefaces from the Department of Typography & Graphic Communication at the University of Reading.


      Riccardo Sartori

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      TDC65 Type Competitions

      The 22nd Annual TDC Typeface Design Competition, and TDC65 Communication Design Competition, now with a student category, and discounted fees for residents of numerous countries. Also discounts for early registrations.


      Riccardo Sartori

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      Videos from ATypI 2018

      On the YouTube channel of the Association Typographique Internationale are being uploaded the videos of the speakers from the last ATypI in Antwerp, including Matthew Carter’s keynote.


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      ATypI membership now $15 per year

      “As of today, #ATypI has a new, single membership fee for all individuals, globally: just $15 for an annual subscription, from whichever day in the year you sign up.”


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      Typotheque releases Brenner

      “An extensive type system with distinctive members ideal for creating typographic contrasts and inventive layouts.”


      Riccardo Sartori

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      Drawing Vectors for Type & Lettering

      “There are even those who proudly display their drawings with points and handles visible to prove that their work is indeed technically immaculate. I don’t really get that, because the purpose of well-built vectors is to maintain efficient editability.”


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      Firefox now supports variable fonts and Mozilla published a guide

      “Variable fonts are an evolution of the OpenType font specification that enables many different variations of a typeface to be incorporated into a single file, rather than having a separate font file for every width, weight, or style …”


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