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  • Typography Weekly #85

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      Fontsmith releases FS Kim by Krista Radoeva

      “This typeface shines brightest as a display font, and is perfect for applications across fashion, theatre, cultural projects and pretty much any brand that wants to make a statement.”


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      The Best New Type Foundries of 2018

      “Letterform lovers, rejoice! It’s only November, and this year has already seen the apparition of several new foundries created by incredibly talented type designers from all around the world.”


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      Type.World can now be supported on Patreon

      “With the non-profit Type.World project I want to help facilitate the power shift from centralized font market places towards a decentralized ecosystem.” Yanone


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      Signal Type Foundry releases Ballinger

      “Sources include early 20th century jobbing sanses like Morris Benton’s News Gothic and Candia, a 70s-era typewriter face Josef Müller-Brockmann designed for Olivetti.”


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      iOS vector tracing app Béziers released

      “Béziers is a vector editor for digitizing your lettering, sketches and other artwork. It’s designed with lettering artists in mind, with tools to help you trace your designs and produce smooth curves.”


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      Kickstarter: Hermann Zapf & the World He Designed

      “A comprehensive biography of the calligrapher, type designer, and typographer Hermann Zapf”


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      Kafa - a Free Arabic Font by Nadine Chahine

      “Kafa was released on Nov. 6, 2018 to coincide with the US midterm elections. I cannot vote in US elections, so this typeface IS my vote.”


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      Typographica: Our Favorite Typefaces of 2017

      “Welcome to our twelfth annual celebration of new type design. These are not necessarily the “best” typefaces, nor the most popular or top-selling (the big retailers already have that covered). What can be said is that each of these 2017 releases inspired at least one admirer among our distinguished group of designers, educators, and enthusiasts to take time away from their day jobs and pen their personal praises.”


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