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  • Typography Weekly #94

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      New online class with Martina Flor: Digital Lettering

      “In this class Martina Flor, lettering artist and designer, will share her secrets to successfully digitize a lettering piece to achieve expressive designs.”


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      Behind the font: Jessica McCarty of Magpie Paper Works

      “This installment of Behind the Font features Jessica McCarty, an award-winning designer of handwritten and calligraphic fonts. McCarty founded Magpie Paper Works, a boutique typographic foundry specializing in hand-drawn fonts and custom lettering. She also co-founded Rare Bird Foundry in 2017, where she transforms select artists’ calligraphy into premium OpenType fonts.”


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      The Lasting Impression of Letterpress Printing

      “Bowne & Co. Stationers is still a fully operational press shop. It is home to 34 presses, 18 of which are in regular use, largely from the late 19th century …”


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      Videos from ATypI 2019 on YouTube

      The talks from the ATypI conference 2019 in Tokyo are being uploaded to ATypI’s YouTube account.


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      Femme Type - A book celebrating women in the type industry

      “FEMME TYPE is a platform which celebrates women in the type industry aiming to create a valuable space that inspires other women to pursue a career in type.”


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      Adobe to end support for PostScript Type 1

      “This legacy format, created by Adobe in the mid-1980s during the early days of desktop publishing, is already unsupported in major software applications, open-source libraries, and mobile platforms. The time has now come to sunset support in Photoshop, allowing us to better focus on innovative new typographic efforts as we look to the future.”


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      A California Type Foundry Is Keeping Vintage Printing Alive

      “In an innocuous building in San Francisco’s Presidio, the Grabhorn’s Institute’s Brian Ferrett boils lead and casts metal type using techniques and equipment a century old. Ferrett, is one of perhaps 100 people worldwide who cast type. At 44, he’s unusually young. Most type-casters are decades older …”


      Riccardo Sartori

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      K.H. Drescher—Berlin Typo Posters, Texts, and Interviews

      A Publication about the Designer of the Berliner Ensemble — Karl-Heinz Drescher (1937–2011)


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