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  • Typography Weekly #95

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      Designcuts Online Conference

      DesignCuts is running an online conference with free webinars about various design related topics, including “typography & lettering”.


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      Riccardo Sartori

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      Which Typeface Are You, Really?

      “Reckon you’re a hip, young, variable thing—spontaneous and wild—but really, deep down, you’re an old, Modernist soul that likes everything in order? Think you stand out from the crowd, but in fact you’re a system font, touting yourself out there for all and sundry to use?”


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      Contrast Foundry: bliss and temperance in type design

      “Based in Moscow, Contrast Foundry was launched last year by Maria Doreuli, Liza Rasskazova, Nikita Sapozhkov and Anna Khorash. This highly motivated team develops fonts and logos for its clients as well as fonts for the retail market.”


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      Underware introduces Grammato

      “With Grammato your machines can now write as beautifully as you do; maybe even more so. By introducing a completely new notion of writing — grammatography, the writing with letters — it above all provides a new perspective on one of humanity’s quintessential activities: the act of writing.”


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      Glyphs Mini 2.1 Released

      Version 2.1 of the font editor Glyphs Mini was released. New: Dark Mode support. WOFF2 support. Catalina-ready: full 64-bit. New tutorial ‘Font Info Settings in Glyphs Mini’.


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      FontShop 30 years anniversary sale

      30 day. 30 font families. 30% off.


      Riccardo Sartori

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      TypeKits shirts on Kickstarter

      “A mash up of football (soccer) jerseys inspired and influenced by famous typefaces, designers, and typographers.”


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      Pre-order History of Desktop Publishing by Frank Romano

      “History of Desktop Publishing is a personal and encyclopedic story of how the personal computer, unique applications, and many colorful people changed the creative and print communities. Author Frank Romano has documented the histories of hot metal and phototypesetting and continues the tale of document production in this book. This installment ends as the Internet becomes a primary focus.”


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      Early ‘non-Jensonian’ Venetian romans

      A carefully illustrated review of 1470s types based on humanistic hands but differing a great deal from Jenson


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      Reviving Type released

      “Two studies, that started as a university course assignment and developed into an independent design-research, are woven together into one volume: one about the Renaissance letters of Garamont and Granjon, the other about the Baroque types of Nicholas Kis. The publication guides the reader from finding original sources in archives, through historical investigation and design process to the finished type.”


      Riccardo Sartori

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      Wim Crouwel 1928–2019

      A in memoriam website by the Stedelijk Museum.
      “On Thursday, 19 september 2019 Wim Crouwel died at age of 90. With his passing the world loses a visionary thinker who was an eminent authority in the field of design.”


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      Thirty Years of TrueType Fonts

      Greg Hitchcock from Microsoft sheds some light on the beginnings of the TrueType format and its development over the years.


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