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  • Typography Weekly #110

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      ATypI 2020 videos now on YouTube

      The talks from ATypI 2020 All Over are now being published on YouTube.


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      Hyperglot: Detect language support in fonts

      Find out which languages and how many speakers your font supports. Preview orthographies needed to write in the world’s languages (640+ are currently included).


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      Quality free fonts from Fontshare

      Fontshare is a free fonts service launched by the Indian Type Foundry (ITF). It’s a growing collection of professional grade fonts that are 100% free for personal and commercial use.


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      Japanese typography: Kilograms of sinograms

      This article presents the Japanese writing system, which is quite complex and absolutely fascinating. It is the first of a series I intend to write about Japanese typography, I am currently doing a PhD research on this topic and want to share some of this knowledge.


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      ATypI programming updates for 2021-22

      We’re making changes and additions to ATypI event programming to better serve our members and the greater type community.


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      History of the Book class from Plantin Institut of Typography available via Zoom

      History of the Book is one of our students’ favourite courses and therefore it will be repeated in March 2021 in a new format. For the first time, the entire course will be livestreamed and given in English, allowing international students to take advantage of this three-day course.


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      Riccardo Sartori

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      New Year, New (emoji) Syringe

      Apple and Google have updated the Syringe emoji to remove the blood, allowing this existing emoji serve as a vaccination emoji in 2021.

      "New emojis and new vaccines have more in common than might first meet the eye.

      Both require oversight from various committees, take years to approve, and these result in varied implementations from different companies, but each with the same goal in mind."


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