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  • Typography Weekly #116

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      ILT: My Favorite Fonts of 2021

      John Boardley’s 10 favorite typefaces of 2021.


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      A Grammar of Typography: Classical Book Design in the Digital Age (Review)

      A review by Joshua Langman on Typographica


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      Chrome 98 adds extended color font support with gradients and blending for COLR table fonts

      In Chrome 98, the Chrome and Fonts teams have added support for COLRv1, an evolution of the COLRv0 font format intended to make color fonts widespread by adding gradients, compositing and blending, and improved internal shape reuse for crisp and compact font files that compress well.


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      Votes needed to immortalise Gutenberg as Lego character

      Toy giant Lego could make a working model of Gutenberg’s famous printing press if a product idea proposed by a member of its creative community gains enough support.


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      I Love Typography signs 21 new foundries

      “When we launched our store back in June, we did so with 40 indie foundries. Today, just five months on, we’re thrilled to announce a second cohort of 21 foundries and more than 200 font families.”


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      RoboFont 4.1 was released

      RoboFont 4.1 is OUT! Lots of bug fixes, a few tweaks to the UI and better support for BigSur & Monterey.


      Riccardo Sartori

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      On Kickstarter, Monotype Electro Type Matrix: 3D Model and 3D Print

      “The Monotype Electro Display Matrix [was] developed by the Monotype Company in the early 1900s to cast large multiples of individual pieces of type. The funds raised by the campaign cover the cost of producing an accurate 3D model of a single matrix, suitable for 3D output, and making 3D prints to fulfil campaign rewards.”

      until 11/18/2021


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      P22 Analog is now DRY Inc.

      DRY Inc will feature new products from the DRY brand as well as continuing to provide all physical products previously known as P22 Analog.


      Riccardo Sartori

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      12th GRANSHAN Type Design Competition

      Submissions are open for the 2021/2022 edition of the GRANSHAN Competition, that seeks to recognise the most notable typefaces for individual scripts other than Latin as well as multiscript families.

      until 12/31/2021


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