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  • Typography Weekly #118

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      Dinamo type foundry survey

      We reached out to our 15 of our friends at big + small type foundries and asked them 6 questions we’ve been asking ourselves.


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      Phototypesetting: Interview with Alexander Nagel

      The Deutsches Technikmuseum in Berlin has published a new video interview with Alexander Nagel, whose career covered all the stages of photo-typesetting in Germany.


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      TypeAmsterdam on May 11

      On Wednesday 11 May 2022 at the Allard Pierson of the UvA, the conference TypeA’dam will take place, a long afternoon about current type and lettering issues.


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      Ayaka B. Ito: Type for Ukraine

      All proceeds raised at this time will be donated to the Voices of Children Foundation and Doctors Without Borders to support those in need of help in Ukraine.

      until 04/30/2022


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      Fonts In Use: Variable Fonts

      Here are four examples where designers have used their project as a typographic playground, exploring the possibilities of variable fonts within a set of self-imposed constraints.


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      It all starts with writing: Gerrit Noordzij (1931-2022)

      Among the people who have shaped contemporary type culture, Gerrit Noordzij is one of the most remarkable characters. He is also one of the most enigmatic.


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      At risk: Ukraine’s Museum of the Book and Printing

      The museum’s website shows a pop-up message from its director Valentyna Bochkovska, requesting help to ‘protect our collections and our museum scholars and workers’ and suggesting a place where donations can be made.


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      Unicode consortium will no longer accept flag emoji proposals

      “The inclusion of new flags will always continue to emphasize the exclusion of others. And there isn’t much room for the fluid nature of politics — countries change but Unicode additions are forever — once a character is added it can never be removed.”


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