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  • Typography Weekly #124

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      10 must-have typefaces for 2023

      To save your time and sanity, we’ve curated a top-notch list of must-have typefaces for 2023. No super-quirky, one-use-only display fonts, but workhorse font families that will serve you and your clients well for years to come.


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      Typography Teaching Methods: educational use of type specimens

      Many graphic design students reference type specimens during their education. This article reflects on the historical type specimens and typography foundations classes at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem.


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      Codepoint: Glyph finder app for Mac OS and iOS

      70,000+ Unicodes in your pocket. Search Unicodes, Glyphs, SF Symbols and Emojis in a blink. Codepoint helps you to find the exact characters you need and supports you in discovering new glyphs.


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      Fontspring has a new website

      Some highlights: A brand new homepage, featuring a rotating header font and new font poster cards ¶ A brand new product page, updated poster slideshow, and font samples ¶ A brand new font list page and easy-to-use sidebar filter


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      WordPress: Gutenberg Roadmap for a Font Library Will Give Users an Interface for Registering and Managing Web Fonts

      In June, Automattic-sponsored core committer Tonya Mork organized a ticket for tracking the ongoing roadmap for the Web fonts API. It includes the vision for how the API supports typography features and the necessary tasks for creating a “font library.”


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      Affinity Publisher 2 adds supports for footnotes, sidenotes and endnotes

      “Here’s everything you should know about the next generation of Affinity…”


      Riccardo Sartori

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      Printing Historical Society Prize for New Scholarship

      A competition for a new article on any printing-historical subject, suitable for the The Printing Historical Society Journal. The winner will receive the prize for that year, a purse of £500, membership of the Society for one year, and publication in the PHS Journal. The competition is open to all, but those new to the subject are particularly encouraged to take part.

      until 01/01/2023


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      What is COLRv1?

      And that’s different from other color fonts


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