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  • Typography Weekly #126

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      Letteres: new online shop for typography products

      LETTERES is a brand new line of limited edition products by Parachute for design enthusiasts.


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      Proof&Co. 2022 Annual Report/Almanac for independent type

      The 2022 Annual Report lays out the facts, figures, stats, and analysis behind the world of independent typography in 2022. The 2022 Almanac is the ultimate reference guide and index to the over 270 font families and collections released in 2022.


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      Monotype acquires fonts from Milieu Grotesque and Paulo Goode

      Monotype announced its acquisition of five premium typeface families from the Milieu Grotesque catalogue and Paulo Goode’s current type catalogue.


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      On Kickstarter: The story of the Polish designer Bronisław Zelek

      Throughout his 60-year career, Bronislaw Zelek “could not free himself from the enchanted land of letters”. This book will tell his story.

      until 04/01/2023


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      An end to typographic widows on the web

      Currently shipping in Chrome Canary, and thus soon to be in Blink-based browsers including Edge, is a relatively new CSS declaration which promises to virtually end typographic widows.


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      Why Did Adobe Discontinue Font Chameleon in the 1990s?

      There is a popular myth that Adobe bought Font Chameleon to kill a threatening technology. Actually, no, removing it from the market was not a motivation for the acquisition …


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      Riccardo Sartori

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      Shift Happens: A book about keyboards

      Marcin Wichary on Kickstarter: “Keyboards fascinated me for years. But it occurred to me that a good, comprehensive, and human story of keyboards – starting with typewriters and ending with modern computers and phones – has never been written. How did we get from then to now? What were the steps along the way? And how on earth does QWERTY still look the same now as it did 150 years ago?”

      until 03/09/2023


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