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  2. As the title suggests, I'm hoping to find fonts that most closely mimic two of the font styles in this logo (the "Tropical" part and the "Freeze" part). I know the logo itself is original, but I want to find the closest approximations. I'm specifically looking for free options, and it doesn't have to be perfect. But I'd like if the font and logo are near each other, it wouldn't look too out of place. Thanks in advance for any help!
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  4. SOURCE No luck yet with an ID, but I suspect there are two typefaces being used here (one for the initial caps, another for the rest).
  5. I'm with Ralf. I set a lot of academic papers and have always found a thin space between numeral and unit the best solution.
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  7. My day job is architecture and building code enforcement. I have to be able to work in both Imperial and metric units. I routinely see metric dimensions expressed both with and without a space between the numerals and the units. I think it comes down to local (meaning, essentially, national) preference and practice.
  8. Looking at current speed of advancements in the AI arena, there's absolutely no doubt in my mind it will eventually match and then surpass everything humans can do, including creating fonts (let's not discuss potential gov intervention and specific copyright laws that may arise at some point). You'll dictate whatever you want and in split second you'll get the result, and if unhappy, you'll just tell it what to correct. But I don't think typographers or any creative pros should fear AI and instead embrace it as another tool in their workflow. Most clients/consumers just won't have the time to fiddle with it.
  9. Very similar to OnRamp, but not a perfect match. Numerals on instrument panels, watch faces, appliances, etc. don’t always correspond to typefaces used for traditional print or digital work. These numbers may be custom to Ford.
  10. I can't believe I found someone who actually asked this exact question. I am wondering too. I'm sorry that I can't help.
  11. Looks like a poorly redrawn and stretched variant of Futura. It doesn’t seem to be Standard Alphabets For Traffic Control Devices, (also known as the FHWA Series fonts) and informally as Highway Gothic, or Clearview. And it doesn’t seem to correspond to anything in this guide, which only references Highway [Gothic] and Clearview.
  12. Two similar typefaces that might work for you: Melany Lane Tilda
  13. Located near Houston, Texas, the Fort Bend County Toll Road Authority was established in 1996. The design likely dates to when the Grand Parkway opened in 2016. I am endeavoring to re-create this in vector graphics; identifying the typeface would help considerably. It bears similarities to Gotham, Futura, and Subscription JNL, but none match.
  14. Hello All, While working on my first cookbook (in the UK), I've noticed that ingredients in text I've received lacked spaces before some abbreviated units, e.g. "500g", "50ml" but other had spaces, e.g. "2 tbsp". I've flagged it with the editor as a mistake, based on what I've been taught at school (not in the UK) and also a confirmation on this website: "Where there is room, leave a (non-breaking) space between the number and the unit." But the editor asked to leave as is because literally every single cookbook in the UK, including those of the biggest names in the industry, had it exactly the same! I quickly checked all the cookbooks in my collection and found that it's true – all books published in the UK had no spaces before "g" or "ml" while leaving spaces before "tsp" or "tbsp", and all my Central European books had spaces. The horror! To me, in the context of a cookbook, having no space is simply wrong as it's harder to read, not to mention the inconsistencies between different abbreviated units, both in the ingredient lists and in running text. So why is that? Is it a case of treating the SI units differently in the Imperium or maybe just everyone blindly copying a badly typeset book from before? I just can't unsee it now, so I'd appreciate your advice – is it all good and I should leave it in the name of the greater consistency of the UK cooking industry or shall I fight for the spaces in the name of the Consitency King?
  15. Sorry, not finding a match. Embroidery typefaces don’t always correspond to typefaces used for traditional print or digital design—they are often specific to the embroidery world. Vaguely similar: Female Baleon/Valentine
  16. The sorce pic was sent by a friend who isn't sure of the origin I'm afraid, but it looks like a fairly recent picture. Seems like an embroidered monogram using a script typeface. I'm looking for this font, or something similarly simple and elegant. Thanks for your help!
  17. Hi guys, I'm looking for a type of font that seems to have been very common in Italian typography from about 1900-1920, seemingly disappearing when futurism and especially rationalism came into vogue in the 1920s. The example is from a gramophone record sleeve from the mid-1910s. I've already tried checking with those free font identification apps and they haven't offered anything remotely similar. I've been trying to find a similar font for quite some time now. It can be free or commercial, doesn't matter. Thanks in advance!
  18. Holy moly this is the one, thank you so much. I've been trying to look for this font for days. Much appreciated 🙏🙏
  19. Please help me find this font, the tail is non essential 🙏 Link to the Amazon store which contains more examples: https://www.amazon.com/Ultra-Game-Kansas-Baseball-X-Large/dp/B084SCZYN2
  20. Inspired by heavy metal logos, 1980s role-playing games, and maybe dragons and dusty, leather-bound books, Dragönsteel is our take on a modern-ish blackletter typeface.
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