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  1. Yesterday
  2. Hi all, can you please check my profile image or attached image and see if you know what font is used for this i letter? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks J.
  3. Typical British Fonts

    Wait, no Britannic‽ download at MyFonts
  4. Typical British Fonts

    A selection of fonts usually connected with Great Britain.
  5. Behind Simoncini’s Glasses

    “Francesco Simoncini was a type designer and an innovator. An exhibition and a catalogue mark his re-discovery”
  6. Kevin I'm lost for words!! That's fantastic, I completely agree, Wittelsbach it is, the Moritz however is so similar, he will definitely be happy with that instead, thank you ever so much!
  7. It might be Wittelsbach, but as far as I know it’s never been digitized. A similar digital typeface is Moritz.
  8. My dad designed a logo for his business years ago but now I've managed to get him to use a computer it's opened up the idea of creating a few templates etc. Only issue is, I have no idea what font this is? There are similar ones such a Bolton but really no close enough. Any help will be hugely appreciated :)
  9. Last week
  10. Any idea what font this studio is using?

    The only obvious difference I can see is the |r|, and it could well be customised.
  11. Any idea what font this studio is using?

    It's the logo of a clothing and lifestyle brand called Esser Studio. Looking for the font for personal use. www.esserstudio.com Thanks!
  12. in search of handwriting font?

    I'm in search of a font that looks most like an authentic handwritten font to address some direct mail pieces. suggestions please...
  13. Any idea what font this studio is using?

    As per our forum rules, can you please provide more background information about the sample(s) you provided?
  14. It's close to GT Sectra Display, but a little rounder. Any help is much appreciated.
  15. He only gave me a tiny screenshot of the logo, and this looks familiar, but I can't place it.
  16. Possibly handmade, but can anyone identify the sans on this t-shirt? Or similar? Thanks in advance
  17. Need help with identifying this font? [Call Me By Your Name]

    That’s handwritten.
  18. Specifically the yellow coloured text! please and thank you!
  19. Caffe Capri sign font

    This is the now closed place in Brooklyn, yes? Then the sign dates from 1971, so I suspect it is based on a sign painter style called single stroke casual brush, or “speed stroke,” and not typeset. Not finding a match among digital revivals of the style. For similar, check out House Industries Sign Painter family, Pat Snyder’s Snyder Speed, and Calgary Script by Sudtipos.
  20. “Quinoa is display typeface by Catharsis Fonts that unites the seemingly opposed concepts of clean geometric architecture and organic humanist warmth. Quinoa covers multilingual Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, and Armenian.”
  21. Caffe Capri sign font

    can someone help me identify this font?
  22. ANSWERED Can someone ID this font for me? (TMS)

    Hey man, thank you so much, this seems to be it!!
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