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  2. Thank you, Riccardo. I did end up going with Geogrotesque as that was the closest I could find. I just adjusted the horizontal scale to stretch out the lettering and my customer agreed it was close enough. Appreciate you taking the time to respond!
  3. Power & Light Press

    Power and Light Press is a print shop in Silver City, New Mexico with a second location up in the tiny town of Madrid, NM. Power and Light Press produces letterpress cards which are available in hundreds of locations around the world. Custom printing jobs and letterpress workshops are also offered.
  4. DiResta letterpress machines

    I found that quite interesting/entertaining:
  5. The straight sides of |O| and |C|, along with the low middle bars of |E| and |H| are pretty peculiar traits. I haven't found anything matching. As for similar designs, perhaps an horizontally stretched (or vertically compressed) Canter could come close. Or, perhaps, Geogrotesque: download at MyFonts
  6. Contemporary Blackletter Fonts 🗄

    The list seems lacking in light monolinear styles, like Astloch or Elfen Fraktur.
  7. 231 Market Classic Printing

    231 Market Classic Printing is a design and letterpress shop in Smithfield, North Carolina. Jean-Pierre has been printing for close to 50 years and specializes in offset and letterpress printing using original Heidelberg Presses. 231 Market Classic Printing prints everything and anything from business cards and letterheads to wedding invitations and announcements.
  8. Contemporary Blackletter Fonts 🗄

    http://studio-io.com/optimum-compress/ Add this one to your contemporary blackletter fonts OPTIMUM COMPRESS
  9. Yesterday
  10. ANSWERED Looking for the Font in this receipt image.

    Okay.But still can i get a similar looking font?Please help me find one.
  11. Contemporary Blackletter Fonts 🗄

    Modern blackletter typefaces or reinterpretations with a contemporary feel.
  12. ANSWERED Looking for the Font in this receipt image.

    Those aren’t regular desktop fonts. Those are dot matrix fonts built for and into the specific cash register system that café is using.
  13. Please help me by identifying the font used in this image of a receipt.I tried using the available online tools but they are not able to identify the correct font as the image is not very clear, not my fault though,it is printed on a thermal paper in that quality,so i can't get a clearer image.Please help me find the closest possible font.
  14. “The Making of a Renaissance Book”, originally issued as a black-and-white film shot on location at the Plantin-Moretus Museum in Antwerp, covers cutting a type punch; making a copper strike and justifying the matrix; casting and dressing the type; composition, imposition and proof-reading; inking and running off the sheets; stop-press corrections.
  15. Last week
  16. Sometime around 2014 I designed some artwork which used two fonts. Unfortunately I failed to keep the fonts and the characters were converted to paths in the original Illustrator file, so I have no idea which fonts were used. I've attached an export of the text from my design. I've spent a few hours searching online font services and I've found some fonts that somewhat close, but no luck finding these. I don't remember if they were free or not. I care more about finding these exact fonts, so type/price isn't a concern right now.
  17. Most probably based on Palace Script: download at MyFonts It is probably Amasis: download at MyFonts AKA Livingston. A good substitute could be Bitter.
  18. Thats it, thank you for your assistance.
  19. Try this: https://www.myfonts.com/fonts/mti/script-mt/
  20. It could be OL Miehle Classic: download at MyFonts
  21. Hi I'm designing a logo and I'd like to use the font present on this picture (writing ensica), or a similar one. Could someone give me a name ? Thanks !
  22. ANSWERED Can anyone identify this font (Vena Cava clothing)

    Please open a new topic for every new request and of course follow all the rules of the Font ID forum. By the way: that link doesn’t show a single font use for me. It loads all sorts of images and then I am blocked because I don’t have a Pinterest account.
  23. ANSWERED Can anyone identify this font (Vena Cava clothing)

    I'm also Interested in this font....https://za.pinterest.com/pin/243546292325883914/
  24. Hi im looking for both of the fonts used in this logo for a small pub in Cottage Grove, OR. Mostly concerned with the "Axe", "Fiddle" part as i am sure i can find a suitable substitute for the "The" and "Public House" part and i am aware that the ampersand is a hand drawn element. I will also include a link to there website where you can see this image: http://axeandfiddle.com Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  25. Should the terms font and typeface be used interchangeably?

    Personally, I prefer using "Typeface" rather than "Font", even though I exclusively use Fonts for typesetting. Maybe it doesn't matter to contemporary designers as their use the word Font is sort of accurate in most cases.
  26. A local customer brought in this printed sample and said that something close was fine but I feel this is probably a standard font and am hoping someone recognizes it! Thank you in advance!
  27. A blast from the past! Haven't seen Gulliver in many years. I recall it being discussed twenty and more years ago for space-saving uses.
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