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  2. What is Dave Roelving's font?

  3. What is Dave Roelving's font?

    First part of logo can be based on Philosopher font
  4. What is Dave Roelving's font?

    Judging by the second image, it might just be based on plain old Times New Roman. download at MyFonts
  5. What is Dave Roelving's font?

    Just found one more image with more text using this typograpic.... yeah it's probably a basic fonts with design adjustments.... thanks!
  6. What is Dave Roelving's font?

    It’s not a font though. It’s a design made for this logo. Probably based on the font, but I guess it’s the all the changes that makes it interesting for you.
  7. What is Dave Roelving's font?

    saw his name on a poster and tried to look around... couldn't find it anywhere. the letters R & K are really nice and simple to identify if someone familiar with that font. i've found the best logo file i could find to make it easier :) thank you so much guys ! T
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  9. Your favorite version of Caslon?

    Hands down GGL’s version for Berthold. download at MyFonts
  10. FontForge – Unicode point duplicates issue

    You are correct. My apologies. I meant to comment on this. A best practice (since it isn't all that uncommon to use multiple, overlapping shapes when constructing glyphs) is to remove all the overlapping regions at the time you actually generate the font file(s). That, of course, remedies situations like this. Hopefully that can be taken just as good general advice since I've made the mistake before of leaving overlapping contours in final fonts and had this very thing happen (and have it show up on my own Resumé, of all places :-\ ).
  11. FontForge – Unicode point duplicates issue

    Thank You @Abraham Lee , but we talk about self-intersections in generated TTF: In my reply I show Inkscape as example, that TTF with intersections could cause problems.
  12. FontForge – Unicode point duplicates issue

    Inkscape has its own algorithm for determining how to join to shapes and it's not obvious which "direction" they run. I would recommend simply creating the desired shapes in Inkscape (if needed), and then make the contours the correct direction in FF. In FF, contour direction is more obvious (there's a little arrow next to the first point in the contour). The main idea is this (and there are times, as is said above, that you'll have to change direction manually when FF can't figure it out automatically): Whichever direction the contour is moving, the filled shape is on its "right". In other words, contours that "fill" should be clockwise directed and contours that "remove" should be counterclockwise. This directionality is necessary for many of FF's advanced contour/glyph operations. So, the "E" glyph should have a single clockwise contour and the "D" glyph should have one clockwise contour (the outer one) and one counter-clockwise contour (the inner one). @Ralf Herrmann @Riccardo Sartori Is this any different for other editors you've used?
  13. FontForge – Unicode point duplicates issue

    Problem is, it not always work. On my screenshot above (Inkscape0.48/debian) rectangle by "E" glyph is clockwise (and "E" path too) and by "D" counter clockwise.
  14. Tennessee Valley Canoe Club Rebrand

    The I and V are certainly custom. So not much worth trying to find a matching font. The CC is likely a font, but pretty squished. You better start from scratch.
  15. Packaging font

    Hi, does anyone know which font is used in the packaging for these products? It's the 'LEMON MYRTLE HAND SOAP' font rather than the brand name font that i'm trying to indentify. it's from this website: and was designed by this agency: thanks for your help.
  16. Tennessee Valley Canoe Club Rebrand

    I need to figure out what font this is (Logotype, not the subheading) in order to do a redesign of this logo for an organization I am a part of. The big identifiers will be the wavy V and the C’s that have the very distinctive T shaped open counters.
  17. FontForge – Unicode point duplicates issue

    Yup. I totally get that. I guess I was too used to .ai where it doesn't really matter.
  18. FontForge – Unicode point duplicates issue

    Path direction is important in determining which intersecting parts of a glyph fill or drop out. The Element>Correct Direction feature usually will fix this, but when it doesn't do it as you think it should, you'll have to select the offending path and use Element>Reverse Direction
  19. Book Title Font

    I found this font on a book title. It looks interesting, but I can not identify it. Any help appreciated Earl PS: Was having trouble getting the font embedded.
  20. What's the name of this font, please?

    Hi Juanvi, that’s Antigua Progreso, issued before 1922 by Richard Gans. If you want to take a few good photos, please feel invited to contribute this in-use example to Fonts In Use.
  21. Can you help me Id this font?

    Hi! I need to id the font used in the text "DE PASEO POR LOS MUSEOS" its from a local TV show. Thank you in advance.
  22. ATypI 2017 Montreal

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