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  2. rampageraptor

    Editions Studio

    Editions Studio is a book- and print-making studio in Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood. The space is set up with four 4'x8' tables, seven printing presses, and a plethora of book art supplies. Anyone can rent studio time or attend the events and classes going on weekly. The studio has facilities for letterpress, litho, and bookmaking, among other things.
  3. Azoft Sans: https://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/azoft-sans (with horizontal stretching)
  4. It's not an exact match, but EXT Unicase 400 looks very similar, and has the cap-height lowercase letters. There are some differences though, like the curved leg on the [R] and the tail on the [a]. Cheers!
  5. I have found similar fonts like Sunflower on google fonts and Enzyme on myfonts.com. However, there are subtle differences in the legs of the "R" and "K" as well as in the shape of the "O". The restaurant opened around 2013. http://www.orientalspoon.net/
  6. “With the non-profit Type.World project I want to help facilitate the power shift from centralized font market places towards a decentralized ecosystem.” Yanone
  7. Also called 'Shelley Allegro Script' - same font, same designer - Matthew Carter (after George Shelley)
  8. Thank you very much, don't know how you found it but you're amazing that font you found with the exception of the T is spot on Thanks again
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  10. English 111 Vivace https://www.myfonts.com/fonts/bitstream/english-111/
  11. rampageraptor

    Signal Type Foundry releases Ballinger

    Clever typeface! I especially like the quirky [a] and how it disrupts the consistency. The subtle curves in the italic are also a nice detail, as is the treatment of the numbers like [4] and [5]. It's always a good feeling to get to use a typeface with more (read: any) personality than Helvetica or Trade Gothic.
  12. I am looking for this font that was on a shirt I had. I took a picture of it - all it said was one source. I like how the capital letters are "fancy" and the lower case is a legible script. I do not remember what this is from and can't find any online else where. It's about 6 years old.
  13. “Sources include early 20th century jobbing sanses like Morris Benton’s News Gothic and Candia, a 70s-era typewriter face Josef Müller-Brockmann designed for Olivetti.”
  14. “Béziers is a vector editor for digitizing your lettering, sketches and other artwork. It’s designed with lettering artists in mind, with tools to help you trace your designs and produce smooth curves.”
  15. Sorry, but car nameplates are almost always custom. The decals in your sample were likely recreated as vector artwork from a photograph, not by using a typeface Evolver is as similar as I could find in a typeface.
  16. It is a custom typeface specific to the brand, called—appropriately enough—Mikkeller.
  17. I've tried using all the font identifying apps, but I still haven't had any luck with determing which font is being used for the text that reads, "Beer + Running = Health*". Thanks in advance for helping!
  18. I'm looking to identify this font used on the rear bumper and Quarter windows on an 87-93 Ford Mustang the image was screen shot from late model restoration website Thank you in Advanced
  19. Try Butler: https://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/butler
  20. The business card was made 8 months ago. However we've lost contact with the original designer and need to make changes. Can't find the font anywhere.
  21. Sansa Slab Black by Fred Smeijers/OurType, but the website that typically sells it is offline.
  22. The only thing available is this jpg. The designer is untraceable, no pdf, the website has other fonts in use as well as the owner of the cafe. I need this for a poster Hope anyone recognizes it.
  23. The script face on the first sample is Biscotti (for both the names and “invitation to follow”). No luck IDing the second script yet, but I am seeing enough variation in the letters to suspect that it is, as you said, handwritten.
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