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  3. Geometric Display Type Design

    Hello everyone, I have been designing a custom typeface that I intend to use for a branding. The typeface would be used only internally and would not be sold or distributed in any way. The goal is to have letters (that are not too obvious) from solid filled basic geometric shapes like circles, triangles, rectangles etc. I only need capital letters but then I thought numbers might come handy. Overall I am happy with the look of the letters but the numbers can be improved as some look out of place. Some feedback would be really appreciated. I have attached Illustrator screen grab. I intend to import the letters in Glyphs and tweak them there. This is my first attempt to create type in some form... In the past, I have created custom letters for branding but never full alphabet. P.S. I am not sure why I am not allowed to create posts in the type design forum even though I am a member. Therefore I will post here and the admins can move it in the right section.
  4. What font is this? (White Rum)

    It's cropped out of an old image I had designed once by someone however never got the name of the font and have lost touch with this said person and need a name for the font asap.
  5. What font is this? (White Rum)

    As per our forum rules, can you please provide more background information about the sample(s) you provided.
  6. What font is this? (White Rum)

    Would really like to know what typeface was used in this image.
  7. Wood Type Customs

    Wood Type Customs is part of Delia and Tudor’s Petrescu Press initiative. As architectural restorers, passionate about letterpress printing, they want to preserve the history and craft of printing. The company works to recreate the tools needed in the printing process, facilitating the access for graphic designers and fine arts printers, to these necessary means.
  8. Recommendable free slab-serif type families.
  9. 1940s Ad Font

    It is similar, indeed. Many thanks. :)
  10. 1940s Ad Font

    Not sure what it was in 1948, but I found one contemporary digital face that is similar: 20 db Font Resembles TC Broadway by Morris Fuller Benton (1929).
  11. Yesterday
  12. Help me find this font (Farmers)

    Fenway Park
  13. Does anyone know what kind of font this is?
  14. 1940s Ad Font

    I have just encounter another font in the same publication of 1948, that I can't identify. It's used as the title of the publication which, by the way, was produced by an ad agency. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  15. 1940s Ad Font

    Many thanks. That is certainly similar, if not the same.
  16. font identity (Aqua Pura)

    Thanks Kevin, I might be able to adapt those.
  17. Red Kangaroo

    Thank you
  18. Your favorite version of Caslon?

    I'll risk any backlash and say that for its evocative and even provocative look, my favorite display face is House Industries Benguiat Caslon. Of course the swashes must be used judiciously. It's sexy without being slutty.
  19. Difference Between ITC Serif Gothic Std & ITC Serif Gothic

    Thank you for your observations.
  20. Red Kangaroo

    Appears to be Moderna Condensed Black Italic
  21. font identity (Aqua Pura)

    Vaguely similar: Signika Millunium
  22. Looks like Dharma Gothic ExtraBold Italic.
  23. Can't locate this font (Site Contractors)

    Perhaps Annonce, artificially condensed?
  24. Last week
  25. I know I used to have this font, but it was in another program that crashed. I have looked through my library of fonts with no luck. Can you please help me identify so I can find the TTF to download? Thank you for your assistance with this matter. Morgan.pdf
  26. font identity (Aqua Pura)

    Hi Ralf, I'm afraid not this is all we have. I've found some close ones and we will be suggesting an overhaul anyway. Thanks
  27. font identity (Aqua Pura)

    Really hard to guess the original shape beyond those changes. Was the same font maybe used elsewhere for the product where there were no modifications.
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