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Fonts Puzzle With Many Pieces - Frog Fractions 2 (DLC) ARG (unsolved)

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There is an unsolved puzzle/mystery in a game called Frog Fractions 2, which is both a computer game and an ARG (Alternate Reality Game) as well as a computer game.

This puzzle was posted, shortly after the game was released (hidden inside a game called on 25th Dec 2016. It uses fonts and is related to finding future game content.

The puzzle is to be found in the following image, released with the soundtrack album: (retrieved 25th Jan 2017, from https://ryanike.bandcamp.com/releases (paid content).


It is an incomprehensible jumble of letters. I have included the original picture, as well as a version that has all of the letters that I could find that had fonts that differed from the rest, outlined with a red box.

I realize this's a lot to ask people to look at. My hope is that the hunt might be fun and so I've numerically indexed the letters that have different fonts to make it easier to reference.

I am guessing that the first letters of all the font names will carry some sort of encoded message when they're all listed out.


Here are my (likely mostly incorrect) guesses:

Main Body Font: Palatino

Letters w/different fonts:


1. V= Garamond

2. G= ???

3. J=Footlight

4. Q=Impact

5. L=Venus

6. E=Edwardian Script

7. C=Alice Filmotype

8. W=Odessa

9. Z=Banque Gothique RR

10. U=Rockwell Std

11. H=Spitz Bold Linotype

12. R=Optima Roman

13. D=Grotesk S SH Book Scangraphic

14. S=Zapfino Extra One Linotype

15. X=Scotch Roman MT

16. Y=Stencil MT

17. Y=Lucida Handwriting Italic

18. E=Marker Felt Wide

19. P=Zapfino Extra One

20. K=Scene

21. M=Humanist 521 Ultrabold

22. X= Peppo

23. D=TBMatrix Dot

Whew. Thank you all, merely for reading! I am grateful if any help can be rendered to me with this dataset.


ps —I will of course credit whomever contributes to correctly identifying the letters herein, and the typography.guru community in general. Thank you!



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