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What is the font on the dial of this 50s Minerva stopwatch?

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I recently came across a photo of this Minerva stopwatch with a beautiful font used for the numbers on the dial. The watch seems to have been made during the 50s but information on the web is sparse.

Does anyone recognize the font of the numbers? If not I would love any pointers to similar modern fonts.



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This kind of numbers were always custom made and not based on any particular typeface. See also, for instance, the differences between the bigger and the smaller figures.

Also some features, like the ones seen in the |4| and the |6| are especially unique.

That said, the overall design is reminiscent of some classic engraving styles such Copperplate Gothic, and Sackers Gothic, and the more recent takes on the genre, such as Adrianna.

The more technical look, mostly given by the parallel verticals on the |0|, can be found in more contemporary design, like, for example, Compasse, Uni Sans or Bio Sans, but they aren’t probably wide enough.

Perhaps one good candidate for the overall feeling and proportions would be Gabriel Sans.

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