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Maybe Too Easy For You Guys, Print Book Font

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I was browsing some books in my hometown library and for some reason I really liked the look of this text. I'm sure it's something super common and easy to identify but I want to be sure I have the exact font. I wish I had noted the title of the book (it was sorta old and falling apart) but I did snap a photo of a page. The 'e' in the title is different than the 'e' throughout the text.


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Thanks so much! That is the name of the book, I kept googling 'Jersey City beginnings book' and some of the words of the text but not getting anything specific. I knew it was about New Jersey and probably about Jersey City history specifically. I thought I wouldn't be able to find it unless I had the author. Your font will help me tremendously to get as close to this as possible. If anyone figures out the title typeface let me know!

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@Kevin Thompson I think I figure out what the font is for the headline...is it Nicolas Jenson Roman font? I specifically focused in on that e since its distinguishable. I found this that said it was inspired by his font: https://www.fontspring.com/fonts/adobe/adobe-jenson-pro?utm_source=fontsquirrel.com&utm_medium=matcherator_link&utm_campaign=adobejensonpro


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The body copy is Linotype De Vinne. Originally set in metal, it is virtually a perfect match for the Bitstream digital version which was originally done from the Linotype library in the old 18-unit system.

The title at the top is not Adobe Jenson or Nicolas Jenson. Note the lack of a spur on the right curve of the /e where it joins the diagonal and the unusual diagonal top stroke on the /k without a serif. I don't have all my metal books available right now to research it.

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