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Looking for the fonts in this logo for St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church & School

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Hello gurus! I need your expertise once again. I am recreating a logo and having trouble tracking down the fonts used. I have attached an image of the logo for refence. The St Elizabeth Ann Seton font is very close to News Gothic Extra Condensed Bold, but there are letters that just aren't right. For example the "S" and the "A".

The Catholic Church & School font is something like Myraid Pro, but again, there are letters that make it clear that it is not Myriad Pro. For example, the "R".

I keep finding fonts that are CLOSE (Alternate Gothic & Merriweather Sans) but just not quite right. Any help you folks could give would be wonderful!

Here is their website for reference as well:

Thank you!




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38 minutes ago, MissNobody said:

I think it's close to Alternate Gothic for 'St Elizabeth Ann Seton'

and Ambiguity Normate for 'CATHOLIC CHUCH & SCHOOL'.

I came across Alternate Gothic as well, and it just doesn't quite match. The S is wider and has a different angle on the end. I haven't found a version of Alt Gothic that is the right thickness. Much the same for Ambiguity Normate...the & sign and R are not the same, which leads me to believe it is not those fonts, unfortunately. 

FWIW, I very highly doubt these are custom fonts. They have to be out there somewhere and it is driving me nuts, hahaha!

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On 10/1/2022 at 12:42 PM, Kevin Thompson said:

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton appears to be the Google web font Oswald Regular.


Oswald has undergone several revisions, so one of the older versions may be a better match.


On 10/1/2022 at 1:25 PM, Kevin Thompson said:

CATHOLIC CHURCH & SCHOOL appears to be another Google web font, Open Sans Semibold.

You are the man! Thank you so much!!

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