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Uncial letterpress font from eBay

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This type was on eBay and I wanted to help the seller identify it. It has already sold, but a name for it has not been found. I have checked through all my American source books and still, no ID.


A friend posted it for me to the APA letterpress forum so more knowledgeable letterpress people have looked at it but no one can ID it. Some comments were:

1. Probably is of European origin, and probably German.

2. Definitely not a classic, more probably 1950's-60's. Maybe Italian or French?

3. The love child of American Uncial and Comic Sans!


It is 16 point, no pin mark on the type. I asked for a pic of the foot and nick but have not been given one.  I cropped all the duplicate letters out of the image to keep file size down.


It is just a basic A-Z (a-z?), single case, no numbers and no punctuation.


I would like to ID it for future reference since it is such an odd face and has stumped so many people. All help much appreciated.


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